Surround yourself with a dream bathroom

Walk into a beautiful bathroom and it’s easy to picture yourself soaking in the tub or getting refreshed. For this reason, keeping your bathrooms fresh and appealing is a wise, lasting investment. And that’s on top of how much a remodeled bathroom can improve your quality of

We already have found the best bathroom contractors for your project.  All that’s left to do is to help you define your needs, so we can move to the next step: make the perfect match between your project and the right contractors.

There are so many ways to make your bathroom unique:

  • Layout – the space you have often defines the look (you can even make a small bathroom look larger)
  • Freestanding tubs, wall-mounted toilets, backlit vanity mirrors and threshold-free showers add style and charm, giving a bathroom a whole new look
  • Bathroom surfaces: choose from glass, ceramic, stone, marble, granite, wood or laminate for your bathroom walls, floors and countertops
  • Cabinetry can range from functional to high-end furniture
  • Paint, wallpaper and accessories can add color to make your bathroom pop or create a Zen-like space for a calm start and finish to your day

Lost in bathroom renovation decisions?

Let one of our Expert Renovation Advisors give you a fresh, clean start.

The wider the choices, the more decisions you need to make — and that directly affects your budget. So it’s normal to feel lost when you want to renovate your bathroom.

If you’re worried about how to proceed with your bathroom renovation, start with Reno-Assistance and find the right people, from a designer, an engineer and a custom cabinet specialist to a specialized or a general contractor you can trust.

One of our Expert Renovation Advisors, who has helped hundreds upon hundreds of homeowners like you with their bathroom projects, can help you manage your bathroom renovations, helping you find the right contractor for your project and budget.

Start your bathroom renovation with a trusted general contractor 

When you start your bathroom renovation with Reno-Assistance, your Renovation Advisor will review your project with you to ensure we understand your needs, send you up to three professionals from our network of 360° Verified Contractors to quote on your job and evaluate the no-obligation PerfectMatch Quotes they send to you, giving you the advice you need to choose the contractor that’s right for you...all for free.

Our contractor network includes general contractors, plus bathroom renovation tradespeople, including electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, tile and ceramic contractors, lighting specialists and more. Together, they can create and build the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of, Just tell us what is important to you and we’ll help you get it.

Once everything is in place, the general contractor will work out the details with you, help you source the renovation materials you need, schedule skilled tradespeople, manage the budget and see it through to completion.  It’s easy to see why working with a professional general contractor is so important — and so much easier when you work with one of our proven experts.

Start your renovation today

Whether you need a small bathroom renovation or have a turnkey bathroom construction project in mind, Reno-Assistance is here to help you find the right professional contractors and save time and money in the process. Just fill out the form to the right to get a free, no-obligation quote and jump-start your bathroom renovation now.:

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