Save money and save yourself aggravation with the right contractor 


Owning rental property is a delicate balance. On one hand, you want to take care of it to make sure your building increases in value. On the other hand, you also would like to make a profit and get a return on your investment.

More specifically, a property that is properly maintained and renovated regularly is easy to rent time and time again and appreciates in value. However, renovating can be a terrible experience if you work with the wrong contractors. Wasted time, expensive delays, careless work and unprofessional conduct all cost you time, money and aggravation.

Bottom line: whether you are building an apartment building or renovating one, you need to work with professional contractors you can trust — and pay a fair price.


Maximize your chance of finding professional contractors to maximize your ROI 


Reno-Assistance has built a network of 360°Verified Contractors you can trust to quote a fair price and deliver a high-quality job on time and, as a result, on budget.

Why trust your investment to an unknown team of tradespeople when you can work with contractors who have our [360°Placeholder] stamp of approval, so you know they are the best for your job.

With Reno-Assistance, you only get referred to contractors who have satisfied our customers, giving you the best chance ever for a timely, cost-effective renovation.

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