Give your home a stylish door & window makeover

How your home looks and feels has a lot to do with your doors & windows.

The front of your home is the focal point of its curb appeal. If it’s out of date or dingy, your home may not have the look you want.

Giving your front a facelift with a new door or a set of new windows that reflects your personal style creates a whole new look, making a powerful statement about you and a great first impression for your home.

Your doors and windows are also an important barrier to heat loss. If they’ve lost their insulating powers or weren’t quality windows in the first place, you may be paying a lot more in energy costs than you should.

Opting for higher-quality doors and windows will lead to better insulation for your home and a much lower heating or cooling bill month after month for you.

With Reno-Assistance, selecting new doors and windows won’t leave you unhinged

The range of building material for today’s windows and doors gives you greater design flexibility. With all the door and window choices out there, your very own Renovation Advisor can guide you through…


Your options in windows…

  • Wood windows have a high esthetic value but require more maintenance than other choices
  • PVC windows are maintenance free, weather resistant and have good insulation. PVC also allows for a variety of shapes such as bull’s eye (round) and trapeze (5-sided)
  • Aluminum windows are a favourite of architects for design flexibility and they require little maintenance. Aluminum offers a great choice of tints, shapes and sizes but doesn’t insulate as well.


Your options in doors...

  • Steel doors are a popular choice with low cost and maintenance but high in durability and insulating qualities;
  • Wood doors always have a deep rich feel to them; new manufacturing techniques mean that wood doors are better protected but regular maintenance is required;
  • Fiberglass doors are moulded for strength, value and flexibility; they are a great choice for designers;
  • PVC doors are strong and durable, won’t yellow with age and maintenance is low;
  • Aluminum doors are used in patio doors, storm doors and screen doors but aluminum is a poor insulator.

Let your very own Renovation Advisor help you get a handle on your window and door of charge

Once your Renovation Advisor understands your needs, he or she will send up to three door and window contractors to quote on your project. Your advisor will also evaluate their quotes with you, helping you choose the door and window contractor who's best for you and your job.

Try Reno-Assistance for your doors and windows today

Just fill out the form to the right and get started with your door and window project. You have everything to gain and nothing to pay. There’s no obligation to work with the contractors who quote but we think you’ll want to continue working with a door and window contractor you can trust.

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