Working with one of our proven house lifters can really raise your spirits

Pretty much any home (even a row of townhouses), whatever its condition or size, can be raised off its foundation to make way for repairs and renovations.

With the right house lifting expert, you can make sure that your house is raised properly —on time and on budget. To make this step of your project trouble-free, we’ve already found the very best house lifters for your job, so you can avoid a hair-raising experience.

Here are the top reasons why people contact us for house lifting projects:


  • Are planning a new ground-level addition (like a basement)
  • Have contaminated soil
  • Want to add flood protection
  • Need a new foundation
  • Need to offset excessive settling
  • Property damaged by a natural disaster
  • Want to rotate their home for aesthetic purposes

In many ways, lifting your home for any of the reasons above could be money well spent. Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Restores your home’s rightful value (even increases it)
  • Recycles your home
  • Preserves heritage buildings

The house lifting expert we refer to you will use a unified hydraulic jacking system to raise your home off its foundation. The lift itself will likely take only one day, but the jacks will stay in as long as needed, depending on your job requirements.

Here are some major considerations for you and your house lifting expert:

  • Your foundation’s condition – If it’s sound, your home can be raised quickly and easily. If not, the lifting could be more complex.
  • Impact on your neighborhood – Parking on the street may be limited or blocked entirely during the house-lifting process so you might need special permissions from your municipality.
  • Moving out – During the house-lifting process, you, your furniture and your furnace must move out.
  • Height restrictions – If you’re planning to build a ground-level addition, make sure it does not exceed the height restrictions set by your municipality (you may need a municipal inspector or engineer to approve your project)
  • Disconnections – Your power, gas and electrical connections must not only be shut off, but also disconnected, before you do any work.

Let our Renovation Advisors get your project off the ground with the right expert...for FREE 

Reno-Assistance has a pre-approved network of professional contractors who have our 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval — including house lifting experts who we trust to quote a fair price and deliver a high-quality job on time and on budget.

We only refer proven contractors who meet the highest of standards time and time again — and we do free of charge. And we'll only send you contractors who have made our customers happy, giving you the best chance ever for a timely and cost-effective building project.

When you call Reno-Assistance, one of our experienced Renovation Advisors will review your house lifting project with you and send you up to three top-notch experts to quote on your job. Then, your advisor will evaluate their quotes with you, offering you the facts you need to choose the right professional for you, your home and your budget.


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