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a. RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. offers a search service and selection in order to put the customer with a project or renovation related businesses, related suppliers or contractors (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractors”). RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. is therefore limited to a brokerage service. It is not a party and in no case sign individual contracts (or estimate) that may be concluded between the Client and the Contractors. RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. does not make renovations and is not party to the agreement reached between the Contractor and the Client. RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. is completely independent of Entrepreneurs.
In the event that the Customer wishes to hire a project manager, RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. can present a professional able to fulfill this mission, to follow the construction site, to coordinate the various stakeholders, to ensure the perfect completion. As a broker, the RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. receives no compensation from the Customer. He is paid for its services by the selected Contractor and accepted by the Customer
b. Benefits RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. take end to the date of acceptance by the Customer of the estimate made by the Contractor.
c. RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. is expressly held to an obligation of means, requiring it to do its utmost to ensure that the relations between the Client and the Contractor are successful. The Contractor shall have sole control and responsibility of the solutions it offers to the Customer, monitoring and final completion of the work it performs. The Contractor shall develop its bids and specifications under sole responsibility. He remains the sole judge of work to be done and appropriateness of the solutions it offers.
d. RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC. can not be held liable for damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the Customer due to any fault of a Contractor in the execution of its services. The Customer expressly waives all recourse against RÉNO ASSISTANCE INC.

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