Reno-Assistance’s architectural experts are right for you on so many levels.

We can simplify everything for you. We have already found the very best architects and architectural technologists for any project that requires a blueprint, so you can get started right away with yours. We will refer you only to experts who can draw up your plans in accordance with the highest professional standards, most stringent building requirements and your budget.

An architectural plan, which contains architectural drawings, design specifications, calculations, and other documentation, is unquestionably the cornerstone of your project. In effect, it serves as a communication channel between these major players:

  • You (who stipulates your requirements)
  • Architects and architectural technologists (who put your requests on a map)
  • The contractor (who built your house or additional room)

Bottom line: An architectural plan ensures that your project can be carried out in accordance with your ideas, your needs and your budget.

A solid architectural plan maps out your project based on a multitude of possibilities — not an easy feat. The architecture professionals we refer to you will work closely with you, analyzing your needs and presenting you with preliminary drawings and plans every step of the way — giving you a “perspective view” or even a realistic, full-color depiction of your home or addition and its actual cost.


With Reno-Assistance’s FREE referrals, the best-laid architectural plans never go astray 

Count on Reno-Assistance to get your project started on the right foundation. We have a large network of experts, including architects and architectural technologists, who are the best for your job — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Getting started is easy…and it’s for FREE:

  1. Our experienced Renovation Advisors will review your project with you.
  2. Your advisor will connect you with experts from our network to help you with your project.
  3. Your advisor will help you select the best expert for you, your project and your budget.


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