Keep your dream home — and the reality of making it happen — in balance and on track 

You have a dream home in mind. Even better, you have the perfect land for it. Now you face a major decision: hire a general contractor to build your home and manage all the specialized contractors, manage your project and multiple specialized contractors or do it all yourself (DIY).

If you’re thinking about going the DIY route, you need to think about the ramifications before you put a shovel into the ground, like getting a homeowner construction license to do the job — if your municipality requires it.

Even if you plan do it all yourself, you’ll likely need the help of certain experts for the steps of your project you cannot do on your own, even before you break ground. This includes…

  • The municipal requirements for obtaining a building permit (and actually getting the permit)
  • An architectural plan prepared by a technologist or architect (depending on the size of your project), requiring a number of meetings before you get to the final version.
  • Soil analysis by a concrete contractor to help you choose the right foundation.
  • Interior construction advice from an interior designer to establish a tight, yet realistic timetable
  • Meticulous coordination of interior and exterior tradespeople (from plumbers, painters, electricians, flooring installers, cabinetmakers to structural, siding and roofing experts) to avoid costly on-site delays during the construction phase.

As a DIY builder, you will have to keep your dream home — and real side of making it happen — on track simultaneously. To help you every step of the way is Reno-Assistance…your source of the best renovation and construction professional in your neighborhood.


Expect the unexpected with a little help from your friends at Reno-Assistance 

Despite everything you do perfectly — from your construction forecasts to your on-site coordination — be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Here are some of the occupational hazards you might face:

  • Bad weather
  • Work accidents
  • Worker absenteeism
  • Oversights (by you or one of your specialized contractors)


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