The sooner you take care of your foundation problems, the better.

Left unattended, foundation defects can reduce the resale of your home by up to 30% and, worse, lead to major structural problems within your home, requiring major — and costly — repairs. So before you even think about any other renovations, you need to think about repairing your foundation.

For you and your home, it’s vital to seek the advice of a proven foundation expert who can assess the severity of your problems and determine the extent of the repairs to your home’s foundation, walls, floors, supports and joists. That’s where we can help you. We only refer the best foundation professionals — and we have one for you right now.


Ignoring your foundation problems might end up costing you a fortune

To know for sure if you need to talk to a foundation repair specialist, here are the main signs of foundation problems:

  • Cracked bricks and foundation
  • Water infiltration inside and outside your home
  • Crumbling foundation
  • Wall rotation
  • Bulging floors
  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Displaced moldings
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Presence of pyrite, radon or iron ocher

If you see any of these signs, don’t wait to repair the problem. The longer you wait, the more damage your foundation will cause and the bigger your repair bill will be. Of course, even without these signs, a thorough inspection of your foundation-before investing in any major renovation project is always a good idea.

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