Make your sunroom the brightest year-round spot of your home

Your dream sunroom can be just about anything you want: with wraparound windows, enjoy the amazing view and let in light all year-round; with opening windows and screens you can also enjoy the breeze of comfortable summer days.

Whatever you choose to do, first speak to one of Reno-Assistance’s Renovation Advisors. Your advisor can answer all your questions and assist you every step of your project.

As you plan the design and location of your sunroom, keep these tips in mind:

  • This home addition is versatile and can have any look or function, depending on your needs.
  • Building a sunroom is a house expansion project. You can extend any room to the outside, creating a new den, studio or dining room.
  • Whatever you do, your sunroom addition will maximize sunlight, flooding your home with natural light, and substantially increase the resale value of your property.
  • Then, there’s the multi-season aspect of this addition. Depending on your local climate, you can choose a four-season or three-season sunroom:
  • Three-season sunrooms – As its name suggests, this option cannot be used in winter, but it makes a great space for yard furniture and more during the cold season.
  • Four-season sunrooms – This option is designed to be heated and cooled. As a result, it can be comfortably enjoyed year-round.

Our Renovation Advisors, who have thousands of projects under their belts, have the expertise to help you choose the contractor you need to plan and build your sunroom.

Starting your sunroom project should be all sun and roses

With Reno-Assistance, it’s a breeze and FREE

When you start your sunroom project with Reno-Assistance, you have immediate access to your very own Renovation Advisor, who will review your project with you to identify your needs, send you up to three sunroom experts from our network of contractors to quote on your job. Our contractors who have our 360° Verified Contractors stamp of approval, are the right sunroom contractor for you — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Next, your advisor will evaluate the no-obligation PerfectMatch Quotes™ of the contractor we send to you, helping you choose the one who’s the best for you and your budget…all for free.


Jump-start your project with Reno-Assistance and make your sunroom really shine

To jump-start your sunroom project right now, just fill out the form to the right and get up to three free, no-obligation quotes with the help of Reno-Assistance.

Before you know it, everything will be settled and the sunroom contractor you chose with your Renovation Advisor will work out all the details of your job with you, help you source the building materials you need for it, schedule skilled tradespeople, manage your budget and see your sunroom through to completion.

And we'll be there with you every step of the way...for free.

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