Only the best contractors get our stamp of approval

We hold our contractors to the highest industry standards. Every contractor we recommend must meet the strict criteria of our 360° Verified system to get our stamp of approval.

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Before we refer any contractor, we verify…

The contractor’s legal existence

Why is this important?

We make sure that our contractors legally exist on paper, giving you recourse if something goes wrong — otherwise they would be untraceable if any problems popped up.

The contractor’s solvency

Why is this important?

We check the credit history and solvency of our contractors before we approve them to maximise the chance they can fix their mistakes and honor their warranties in case anything happens.

Judicial records & complaints about the contractor

Why is this important?

Because lawsuits and complaints are a good indicator of poor service or incompetence, we analyze the judicial records of our contractors (if any) or see if they have received complaints (via the Office de la Protection du Consommateur) to determine their relevance and have a clear picture of their workmanship.

The contractor’s RBQ license

Why is this important?

We make sure that our contractors have a valid license (compulsory in Quebec for any renovation project) and we verify the categories and subcategories of their licenses to match their expertise with the right projects.

The contractor’s liability insurance

Why is this important?

We require our contractor to be insured, so if our contractor or his workers cause any damage to your property during your project, you could be compensated for it.

The contractor’s customer references

Why is this important?

We talk with past customers regarding their work, customer service, precautions during construction or renovation project, after-sales service and more.

And much more…

Our Contractor Confidence Index has major benefits for you and your project:

  • The Contractor Confidence Index includes indicators that help us try to predict the future behaviour of contractors based on a number of qualitative and quantitative factors.
  • The Contractor Confidence Index updates ensure that our 360° Verification system is an ongoing process.

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