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360 verified contractor stamp

Some elements of our thorough verification

The contractor’s legal existence

We make sure that our contractors legally exist, giving you recourse if something goes wrong.

The contractor’s solvency

We verify and analyse the credit history and solvency of our contractors before we approve them to maximise the chance they can fix their mistakes and honor their warranties in the event that something should go wrong.

Judicial records & complaints about the contractor

Because lawsuits and complaints are a good indicator of poor service or incompetence, we verify the judicial records of our contractors (if any) or see if they have received complaints to determine their relevance and have a clear picture of their workmanship.

The contractor’s license

We make sure that our contractors have a valid license (compulsory in the province of Quebec for any renovation project) and we verify the categories and subcategories of their licenses to match their expertise with the right projects.

The contractor’s liability insurance

We require our contractor to be insured, so if our contractor or his workers cause any damage to your property during your project, their insurance will be able to cover for the damages.

The contractor’s customer references

We contact past customers and enquire them about the quality of the work done by the contractor, customer service, precautions taken during the construction or renovation project, after-sales service and more, much more…

A report you can rely on

While building or renovating, it doesn't pay to take any risks. Let Reno-Assistance refer you to one of our 360° Verified Contractors — free of charge — and we will make sure that you're satisfied with your construction or renovation project. Yes, it's possible. In fact, it's what we do. You'll also get our exclusive Verification Report for every contractor we refer you. Our Verification report will show you:

  • Contractor Confidence Index (CCI)
  • Reliability Index
  • Solvency Idex
  • Contractor's Strenghts according to our customers
  • Insurance and License information
  • Judicial History
  • And a whole lot more!

The highest standards

We hold our contractors to the highest industry standards. Every contractor we recommend must meet the strict criteria’s of our 360° Verified system to get our stamp of approval

Only the best contractors get our stamp of approval!

Our Customer Satisfaction

In an industry where less than 1% of people say they have a great deal of trust in contractors, it is exceptional that our customers are as satisfied with our contractors and our service. We strive to surpass ourselves every day for you.

A constantly evolving confidence index

Since the status of a contractor can vary very quickly, the Contractor Confidence Index of each contractor is constantly updated according to several parameters. Thanks to our index, you can see, in all transparency, the confidence level we have towards each of our contractors.

Only the best

Ask our contractors! It is not easy to be apart of our 360° Verified Contractors. Only the best succeed in going through the steps of our verification process. We recommend the best, or nothing at all.

The Reno-Assistance difference


The copycats

Verifications performed

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360° Verification

  • Licenses Insurances
  • Legal existence
  • Financial History
  • License Categories
  • Compatibility of licenses / skills with your project
  • Judicial History
  • Analysis of the company structure
  • Suppliers relations
  • Past Customers Surveys
  • and a whole lot more

Basic information

  • Licenses (sometimes)
  • Insurance (sometimes)

Up to 3 competing contractors

Single point of contact - Contractors do not solicit you directly


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Assistance of a renovation consultant throughout your project

Ongoing Verification

Contractor Confidence Index

Access to a Live Verification Report for each contractor we refer to you

Reno-Inspiration Web App

Appointment coordination and scheduling with contractors

Tips and useful information throughout your project

Quotes Review

Quotes comparisons and answers to your questions

Alerts in case of important changes regarding encountered contractors (eg contractor whose insurance is not renewed)

Reverification of the important information before committing to a contract

Assistance of your advisor in case of breakage of communication with the contractor

Telephone support of your advisor during the realization of the project

Telephone support of your advisor after the realization of the project

Conciliation service in case of dispute

Documents and e-mails of advice to inform and protect you throughout your project

Up to 2500 AIR MILES rewards miles on your project

We always do more

To ensure we always have the best contractors, our audit never stops. Several methods are used to ensure that you are well served.

Satisfaction Surveys

We run pre and post-work surveys to ensure your project runs smoothly. It's important for us to accompany you every step of the way to make sure that we are aware if something happens as soon as possible. This allows us to intervene quickly to minimize the risk of problems escalating.

Contractor Coaching

We regularly follow up with contractors to ensure that they maintain the level of quality sought at Reno-Assitance. We also use feedback from our customers to help them improve constantly.

Dedicated Verification Team

We have the most experienced team in the field specifically dedicated to auditing contractors.

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