How we came to help more than customers with their renovation projects

The biggest challenge of renovating is not getting the right price — it’s choosing the right contractor. That’s why Reno-Assistance was born.

Like most great companies, Reno-Assistance started with a great, yet simple idea: use proven renovation and construction experience and know-how to assist homeowners and building owners with their renovation or construction project. But we’re jumping ahead a little bit. Let’s start at the beginning of the Reno-Assistance story…

At one time, Eric Périgny, President and Founder of Reno-Assistance, owned rental properties and often needed contractors and tradespeople to do repairs and renovations on his properties. For Eric, choosing a contractor from yellow pages felt like playing Russian roulette with his time, energy and money. He had seen it all, from missed meetings and stolen deposits to significant cost overruns and shoddy work. For an entrepreneur like Eric, frustration eventually turned into inspiration and, in turn, the idea for an impartial contractor referral service to help people with their projects.

To create Reno-Assistance from the ground up, Eric surrounded himself with a specialized, seasoned and talented multidisciplinary team of Renovation Advisors.

Our driving force has been the same from the beginning…

The potential to hold contractors to the highest standards—and help save homeowners and building owners time, energy and aggravation—was a driving force for Eric.

In a spirit of innovation, he started developing what would become Reno-Assistance’s 360° Verified Contractor process, its suite of analytical tools (like the Contractor Confidence Index), its PefectMatch™ system and a training program for its contractors — all to minimize risk to his customers, making sure what happened to him would be unlikely to happen to them.

…So we add new and exciting chapters to the Reno-Assistance story every day

Our energy and enthusiasm make a real difference in the lives of real people — because construction and renovation projects come down to one thing: quality of life, not bricks and mortar.

We witness how meaningful our work is to every homeowner or building owner who depend on our Renovation Advisors, contractor referrals and proven advice. That’s why our mission is, first and foremost, to improve every customer’s construction or renovation experience through ever-evolving tools, techniques and best practices. And that’s a goal we’ll continue to pursue far into the future, adding new and exciting chapters to the Reno-Assistance story every day.

“Reno-Assistance’s impartial contractor referral service wasn’t around for me, so I created it to help today’s home and business owners.”

— Eric Périgny, President

About our PresidentEric Périgny

Eric Périgny, B.A.A., M.B.A.

Eric holds a Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal and completed APCHQ’s Gestion des techniques de construction résidentielle course, earning his general contractor’s license. He is also a member of the Corporation des propriétaires immobiliers du Quebec (CORPIQ). Before launching Reno-Assistance, Eric held key marketing positions as a vice-president in the software industry and a marketing director at one of Canada’s largest telecom companies, in addition to his success as an entrepreneur.