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Our Story

Eric Perigny, President and Founder of RenoAssistance, had had it with unreliable contractors. Having owned multiple rental properties and needing renovation contractors quite often, he'd seen it all: from missed appointments to stolen deposits, and having to deal with exorbitant additional costs & botched work.

Frustration turned into inspiration. Being the creative person he is, Eric decided to develop an impartial service specialized uniquely in all that is renovation and construction. The goal: assist homeowners or building owners with their renovation or construction projects - with a human service - all while minimizing risks.

Our mission

Better the experience each of our clients dealing with renovation or construction projects, with the help of tools, techniques, and constantly evolving practices.

All to avoid unpleasant experiences

Getting conned into paying tens of thousands of dollars, needing to get botched work redone, or taking your contractor to court are all unpleasant experiences no one wants to deal with! These are the reasons we do all that is humanly possible to ensure you don't have to go through anything similar. We help you and answer any question you may have.

  • Minimizing homeowners' risks by referring them qualified contractors

    The most complete audit process in the industry. Our Verification report includes our Contractors' Confidence Index (CCI), their reliability index, their strengths according to our clients' reviews, their liability insurance and licenses, their judicial records, and more. Everyone one of the contractors we work with have gone through a fine-toothed comb!

  • Valuing the best contractors in the industry

    Besides having to go through a rigorous process to join our elite group of 360° Verified Contractors, our team is constantly ensuring each contractor remains qualified to be there. We make sure we only work with the best in the industry!

Constant innovation

Status quo isn't enough for us. Throughout the years, we've perfected our tools in order to constantly offer you more.

  • 360° Verified Contractors

    Our contractor audit is, by far, the best in the industry!

  • Verification Report

    When we refer you to a contractor, we send their full verification report your way.

  • Contractor Confidence Index

    Our report provides you with the confidence we have in each contractor - based off of real client reviews.

  • PerfectMatch™ Tool

    Our expertise, alongside our PerfectMatch™ tool, ensures that we refer only the best suited contractors for your specific renovation project.

  • Constant training for our Verified Contractors

    With every survey and review we receive, we provide our contractors with feedback on what to improve.

Our core values

The values we hold dearest to our business aren't hidden in binders. They're proudly displayed on our walls & at the heart of every decision our team makes.

  • Passion

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Excellence

The toughest challenge when facing renovations isn't getting a good price. It's getting a great contractor; one that is trustworthy and fully qualified for our project. This is why RenoAssistance is here.

— Eric Perigny, President

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