6 Things You Need to Know Before Checking a Contractor’s RBQ Licence

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Checking a construction or renovation contractor’s RBQ licence may be in vain if you do not do it at the right time or based on an informed assessment. Informed consumer alert: here are six things you need to know before checking a contractor’s licence:

  1. In Quebec, only a qualified plumber can legally do the plumbing and only a qualified electrician can do electrical work. For example, removing a kitchen counter with a sink requires plumbing and if it’s not done by a plumber with a valid licence then it’s in violation of the law. Fines can be heavy.
  2. In Quebec, only a general contractor may subcontract work to an electrician or a plumber. Some trade contractors (for example, a specialized kitchen contractor) may claim that they have always subcontracted this type of work, but they are in violation of the law.
  3. Checking the validity of the licence before accepting a bid is not enough. The contractor may lose it before or during the work, causing you to lose your right to surety — in other words, you would have no protection.
  4. There is no early warning system if your contractor’s licence is revoked. So you should check it often during your project (like RenoAssistance does for its customers).
  5. The name of the licence holder must match the one on your contract. For example, ‘Renovation ABCD’ is different than ‘Renovations ABCD Inc.’ In some cases, it could be two different entities and you may be working with an illegal contractor if they don’t match, which would cause you to lose your rights to certain remedies, tax credits or subsidies.
  6. Specialized contractors must possess every licence class or subclass they need for a project. For more details, check out the list of subclasses on the RBQ site.

In short, each type of work requires a special licence and only one general contractor may subcontract in every class. Depending on their specialities, they can also do many types of projects themselves.

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What are your next steps?

For RenoAssistance customers, advisors select contractors with the right licences for their projects. We check the validity of the licence as soon as our customers let us know their intention to go ahead with a contractor. We also notify our customers if we discover, along the way, if a licence is no longer valid.

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