How to Give Your Home a Whole New Look with Architectural Lighting

architectural lighting in a luxury lighting

A well lit space never goes unnoticed. Architectural lighting not only completes the look and design of your home or commercial space, but it also accentuates certain areas of the room. Architectural lighting can give any area a whole new look. Just ask any interior designer or architect! They’ll tell you that it’s the perfect finishing touch to any renovation. 

Picking the right lighting can be an intimidating task. That’s why we put together all the information you need to know to better prepare your architectural lighting project. 

What is Architectural Lighting?

Before going any further, let’s begin by defining what architectural lighting is, and how it can bring a certain cachet to your home.

When talking about architectural lighting, we’re not simply talking about adding recessed lights to your ceiling. The idea is to create intricate shapes in your ceiling in order to conceal the presence of lights that reflect on the ceiling and illuminate the room. When opting for this kind of lighting, your contractor’s first task is therefore to create the desired shapes in the ceiling gypsum that’ll discretely hide light bulbs. Doing so allows the light to reflect off your ceiling and walls, or showcase certain areas or elements in the room.

Another interesting option would be to light up your staircase by adding pot lights on either side of the bottom of the stairs or walls. You can even add lighting within each riser for a unique look. Not only does doing so create a interesting look, it also allows you to safely go up and down the stairs.

Lighting can also be added to the bottom of kitchen counters, by the kick plate to light up the floor and lower lever cabinets. The opposite can also be done, by integrating lighting above or within higher cabinets.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this lighting trend! An interior designer or architect are able to help you figure out the best spots for architectural lighting in your home. Getting in touch with a professional is well worth it!

Why Should You Install Architectural Lighting in Your Home?

Using lighting to accentuate your space’s decor has many advantages. It’s a great way to create new unique looks, whether it be indoor or outdoor, that you can enjoy. Getting architectural lighting installed in your home is sure to dazzle you daily.

The Advantages of Architectural Lighting

  • Showcase your home
  • Create an out-of-the-ordinary ambiance
  • Give your space a unique look
  • Transform an architectural space
  • Breathe life into a commercial space

Outdoor Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is not limited to indoor work. Whether your home has modern cladding, beautiful brick, exterior siding with exceptional finishing touches, or even just a large balcony, why not make them look even better with the help of lighting? Your home will breathe new life with the help of light – like a work of art. Architectural lighting has the power to drastically change the look of a rather bland or simple looking building, provoke emotion, as well as make its surroundings safer. 

At night, your home can look rather magical with proper architectural lighting. It makes various spaces more functional and can light up your well-maintained landscaping. When well done – by a professional – , you’d be impressed at what your home can look like. They know how to make the most of your space and showcase the best parts of your building and land. Plus, they’ll do so by discretely hiding any lighting equipment for a seamless look.  

5 Rules to Follow for a Successful Lighting Project

Properly installing and integrating this kind of lighting sure requires the help of an expert, someone who’s fully knowledgeable on the subject. However, following some basic advice/rules can make all the difference. Here are five rules you should follow to ensure your architectural lighting is well done:

  1. Equally distribute lighting throughout the space
  2. Personalize your switches and the controls you have on the light
  3. Purchase quality lighting material
  4. Use multiple sources of light in your space
  5. Focus lighting on important elements

How to Reduce Long Term Energy Costs

According to Hydro-Quebec, lighting corresponds to 5% to 10% of energy consumption in a home. To lower energy costs on the long term, it’s important to install a lighting system that requires less energy to properly function. It’s great for your wallet, the environment, and your eyes! By applying a few of the following ideas, you’ll not only benefit from eco-friendly lighting that lasts years, but also lower your energy bill and environmental impact.

  • Install ENERGY STAR approved light bulbs, like LEDs or CFLs, that use 75% to 80% less energy and can last at least 6 years longer than incandescent bulbs. They can save you up to $130 in energy costs during their lifespan.
  • Invest in dimmers to be able to adjust the amount of light needed, which also reduces the amount of energy used.
  • Opt for light colours as they reflect light much better than darker colours, thus making it seem like there’s more lights an on that there really is.
  • Choose high quality light fixtures. They’re a little more pricey at the outset, but are worthwhile as they tend to last longer and are more energy efficient than cheap/inexpensive ones.
  • Limit the amount of time lights are on outside. Use a timer, a programmable switch or a sensor to limit energy use.
  • Pick exterior lighting that runs on solar power. Many options exist out there for you to consume less energy: garden lighting, decorative lights, safety lights with movement sensors, etc.

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Our Verified professionals will know just how to help you find the best lighting for your project, will make sure it’s well positioned, help you pick out the right colours, and much more! Getting architectural lighting installed will make you proud of your investment year after year.

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