5 Advantages To Renovating During The Winter

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During the winter months, we often are under the impression that home renovations must come to a halt. However, that is very much not the case! There are quite a few project that can be undertaken in the winter, to allow you and your family to take full advantage of the short summer when it comes around. Read on to learn our Renovation Advisors’ top 5 reasons to renovate in the winter!

1- Scheduling of Contractors

Colder weather means that General Contractors cannot perform exterior work (with some exceptions). This means that most will have a more open and flexible schedule to renovate in the winter. You are more likely to be able to get work done during weekdays, so you can also minimize the risk of disturbing your neighbours with loud construction noise, the comings and goings of workers, and mess. Renovating your bathroom, kitchen or basement can be done on a schedule that works best for you!

Additionally, because of the proximity to Christmas and winter holidays, there are less likely to be delays. Our expert Renovation Advisors say most contractors will want to wrap up project to allow their crew and themselves to take time off at the end of the year, before gearing up to prepare for a busy spring the following year. This works to your advantage, because it will also help you feel secure in knowing your work will likely be done by the holidays.

Overall, it being a quieter time of year for your contractor will allow for their team to be more focused on your project.

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2 – Acquiring Permits

While getting building permits can be a hassle, like contractors, the city permit office will be less busy in the winter. Less projects being submitted means less of a wait to have yours reviewed! Be sure to note the Holiday Schedule changes of your municipal government — many may be closed or at reduced hours on more than just legal holidays like Christmas or Boxing Day.

3- Avoiding Spring Price Hikes

Because they are in less demand during the winter, you are likely to have more room for negotiations with your contractor on pricing. Your contractor will also have the same opportunity with their suppliers, leading to the potential for more savings. Many suppliers and vendors may be clearing out materials at the end of the year to make room for trendier finishes and styles for the new season, so it’s a great opportunity to get great deals. This also applies for items you may buy yourself in stores, like kitchen appliances or electronics. Because of Black Friday deals in November, it’s a perfect time to get the finishes for your renovation you want at a perfect price.

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4 – Energy Savings

Many families chose to move out of their home when undertaking large-scale renovations. Heating is one of the biggest consumption of energy in Canadian homes, so by vacating your home for a few weeks, you can cut costs. It’s of course important to have the heating on at a minimum to avoid pipes freezing and bursting, leading to water infiltration. However, because you are not staying in your home, the heating will not need to be on as often and as intensely as it does for your daily activities.

Another way you can save on energy is in the renovations themselves. A winter renovation is a great opportunity to replace windows and doors that are not energy-efficient, install smart thermostats, and update insulation. Returning to a warm home is just the cherry on top of a great renovation! Be sure to take full advantage of energy-efficiency programs as well, for even more cost savings.

5 – Prepping for a Spring Sale

If you’re looking to sell your home, utilizing the winter time to make renovations is a great move. It allows you to make any updates you need that can increase your sale price, as well as avoid problems at inspection time. Having brand-new updates and renovations are always a selling point in a home. By having these projects completed before the spring, you open yourself up to be ready for the spring buying market.

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The Myth of Snow and Cold

Many homeowners avoid doing renovations in the winter because they believe weather conditions like snow and extreme cold will slow down their progress. In many cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! While exterior work like roofing, siding and masonry can be difficult or impossible renovations to do in the winter, there are many projects that can be done. Foundation work, addition building and deck building are all projects that can be done in the winter time, with minimal impact from the weather. While snowfalls are not ideal for renovations, snow can be easily cleared away and worked around. Conversely, spring or summer rain cannot be worked around, and is therefore more likely to put a stop to work than snow would.

Concerned with the Mess?

You may be worried about the possibility of dust and dirt caused by renovating in the winter being trapped in your home. Thankfully, with modern cleaning and venting technologies, this is a problem of the past! Whether we’re talking about negative pressure fans, protective plastics, sealing the heat pipes with a filter, all of these methods will keep dust, debris and fumes in the work area.


Getting Started

Having the right contractor at any time of the year is always the way to start any renovation project.  We understand the difficulties that come with finding a reliable and high-quality contractor for your project, so let us take away that stress! Our Renovation Advisors can invite up to three 53-point Verified Contractors to submit quotes for your renovation and help you decide which one brings the most value to you. Call us today or fill out our form  to get started!