12 Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Came to Life

Bathroom Renovation Ideas our Contractors Brought to Life

Getting bathroom renovations done isn’t like impulse purchases at the cash register. They require some research. There are so many questions you should be asking yourself. What design style do you prefer? Are there certain materials you favour over others? Any colours you prefer? Do you want certain elements to be multi-functional? These are only some of the elements that you’ll think about when your bathroom renovation project comes around. In order to help you get inspired for when that time comes, we’ve gathered 12 bathroom renovation ideas our 53-point Verified Bathroom Contractors brought to life. Take a look at these examples to inspire your future bathroom renovations.

An impressive vanity

The Larkin family’s project stands out among other contenders because of the well thought out architectural lighting. The lead contractor suggested they get a statement vanity with a rather large mirror and work their lighting around it – allowing the vanity to truly be the focal point of the bathroom. At a glance, one can’t help but be impressed! Has this project help flourish your bathroom renovation ideas?

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A serene relaxation space

The Leclerc family already knew what they wanted for their bathroom renovation when they got in touch with RenoAssistance. Their idea was to end up with a spacious bathroom where relaxing was easy – whether it be to take a nice long bath or shower. With the help of our 53point Verified Contractors, they were able to install a large free-standing bathtub and a brand-new shower with ceramic tiling. The entire bathroom has cool colour tones and minimalist furnishing to allow the space to truly be a Zen oasis for the family.

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A unique bathroom renovation idea

This unique bathroom surely makes you want to ride the waves. The Latulippe family opted for a modern look with a personal touch. Adding a pop of blue to their predominantly white bathroom was a great way to balance their preferences with current bathroom trends. Relaxing is easy in this room – whether it be in the modern multi-jet shower or in the large tub.

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Pairing natural light & architectural lighting

Natural lighting has always been prevalent in the Thibeault family’s bathroom. However, at sundown – or during early morning hours – they always seemed to struggle. The family needed more lighting! After weighing the pros and cons of various options proposed by contractors, they opted for accent lighting. They got architectural lighting installed on the ceiling and along the sides of the mirrors. We believe this is a great bathroom renovation idea. Not only does it look great, but their daily struggles have been remedied. The lighting is quite impressive. They’ll certainly be able to use it any time of day.

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A turn-key bathroom renovation

The Lapierre family’s old bathroom was far too small. It didn’t allow for it to be a 4-piece bathroom – making them envious of all those who did have one. After years of thinking it through, they finally decided to bite the bullet: they extended their bathroom by taking the space from an unused closet in the next room. They’ve never been happier.

Being crammed in such a personal space isn’t all that desirable. Sacrificing an unused space is definitely an option to consider.

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Bathroom idea: Making the space work

The setup of this bathroom is rather particular & the Gerbeau family was fully aware. They wanted to be sure each element in the room worked well with the other – design-wise. Having kept the original setup, they opted for modern fixtures. A 53-point Verified Contractor suggested they get a glass shower with sliding doors, a modern tub in the corner, as well as custom made cabinetry. The contractor also suggested creating a decorative storage space above the bathtub. The bathroom is now trendy and functional.

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Contemporary Chic

The Catudal family was looking to modernize their bathroom. They wanted to be sure that all the pieces worked together & that the style they liked was reflected everywhere. They judged there would be no better way to do so than with rectangular shapes. With different shades of grey, they were able to pull a great contemporary look together. Besides the two-toned cabinetry, two different tiles were used to make their concept work. Larger multi-toned tiles were used for the floor, the sides of the bath, the shower, as well as half of the wall; whereas, smaller tiling was used as the vanity backsplash and wrapped around the entire room. The different detailing concepts really work here.

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For the love of ceramics!

We’re used to seeing ceramics on the floor or the shower walls in a bathroom. But, why not make it take over the entire room like the Shedleur family? Their bathroom renovation idea is a timeless European style. They took the plunge, and we’re totally on board!

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A standard bathroom

Looking for a lasting design for your bathroom? So was the Cadieux family. Their bathroom layout is one we’ve seen a lot throughout the years, but you can never go wrong with it! To achieve this look and design, they got an independent ceramic shower built and added a free-standing tub. Putting together a timeless 4-piece bathroom isn’t so difficult after all!

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A style mix for this large bathroom

The Mathieu family’s bathroom renovation idea is rather original. When thinking of refreshing their bathroom, they chose to combine both modern and rustic looks together. The ceramic walls & glass shower with a rain shower head are on the contemporary side – whereas the new vanity inspires a more rustic look. Both styles seem to work very well together for this wonderful bathroom.

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Clean & artsy relaxation haven

You can tell this bathroom was designed with a forward-thinking mindset. The predominantly white bathroom will allow the room to keep its new and clean look even long into the future. The Marcoux family carefully thought this out – they can easily change the decorative elements in the future and completely alter the colour scheme. At this time, they’ve opted for a blue & artsy look with the lovely canvas above the bathtub.

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Bonus: Scandinavian chic

Although this bathroom was not a project one of our contractors pulled together, we felt the need to show you! Reminiscent of a modern Scandinavian spa style, this bathroom demonstrates how a mix of materials can be pleasantly paired together. The shower and the door are made of wood, and the tiling has an industrial concrete look. We are confident that any of our 53-point Verified Contractors can put together a similarly styled bathroom.

The truth behind bathroom renovation costs

Home renovation shows will lead people to believe that an entire bathroom renovation isn’t costly. What they don’t mention is that the costs they do show viewers only take into consideration materials. Planning and labour costs are usually covered by the network. We don’t want you to feel like getting a bathroom renovated is easily said and done. That’s why we’d like to discuss the Doucet family’s renovation project.

This turnkey bathroom renovation included many elements. The custom-made bath/shower, plumbing, faucets, ceramic, vanity, mirror, lighting, paint, and all other accessories/detailing, cost the family $12,350. This pricing includes material AND labour. Considering the significant amount of money that would need to be considered for such a project, it’s important to understand the implications of such a project and surround yourself with only the best contractors, before jumping into such a project.

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