Bathroom Renovation Cost in 2024

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Establishing a renovation budget, especially for a bathroom, can be a challenging task. It’s often surprising to see the amount needed to revamp a relatively small space. Various factors influence the cost, such as the choice of materials, whether plumbing needs to be moved, and so on. A detailed table is provided below to help you determine the costs of a bathroom renovation.

How much a bathroom renovation costs in 2024

A turnkey renovation includes numerous elements that will affect the final total. If you’re planning to undertake comprehensive renovations, you can expect a bill ranging between $19,000 and $55,000.

Renovating a bathroom is an investment. Be aware that you could recover up to 75% of its value when selling your house. Also, labour constitutes a significant part of your budget and the rest depends on the choice of materials. Having a general idea about prices before starting this large-scale project will save you from many surprises.

Here’s a detailed table of the potential costs of a bathroom renovation in 2024:

  Budget Low-range Mid-range High-end Luxury
Demolition $2 200 $3 000 $3 600 $3 600 $3 600
Toilets (including installation) $700 $1200 $1200 $2000 $3 600
Bath (including installation) s/o $2 000 $3 000 $3 000 $5 800
Flooring $2 200 $3 000 $4 200 $4 200 $5 800
Electricity $2 200 $2 400 $2 400 $2 400 $5 000
Plumbing $2 900 $4 800 $5 400 $6 500 $8 700
Shower (including installation) $5 800 $6 000 $6 000 $8 200 $12 400
Vanity and sink (including installation $1 500 $1 550 $1 800 $3 000 $5 050
Unforeseen events $1 500 $2 000 $3 000 $3 600 $5 050
Total $19 000+ $26 500+ $31 000+ $36 000+ $55 000+

*Please note that prices are indicative for an area of about 80 square feet (8 ft x 10 ft). The total amount can fluctuate due to the type of work to be done, necessary labour, materials used, protective measures, demolition or relocation costs of structural elements, and finally, unforeseen circumstances.

Furred out wall in the bathroom with oversized floor tiles


The price range for a new shower varies depending on the chosen model, quality of materials and complexity of installation. For a standard model (including the installation), you should budget around $6 000. For a high-end style, the cost can go up to $12 400. 


The average cost for a basic toilet model including the installation is around $1 200, while a high-end bowl can cost up to $3 600. 


Plumbing is a key element in any bathroom renovation. For a standard-sized bathroom (8 ft x 10 ft), the average cost runs between $2 900 and $8 700 but this cost can increase according to a project’s level of difficulty.

Vanity and sink 

The price of a vanity and sink is determined by the size, style and quality of materials. You can expect to pay between $1 500 and $5 050. 


Electricity costs should be factored into a budget as well. You should budget between $2 200 and $5 000 for electrical work in a standard-sized bathroom (8 ft x 10 ft).


The cost of flooring is related to the type of material chosen. The average price for a standard bathroom flooring is between $2 200 and $5 800.

Reasons for cost variations in a bathroom renovation

There are obvious costs related to the size of the bathroom: more space means more tiling on the floor and walls, more paint, etc. The durability of the chosen materials will also influence the bill. Plumbing elements made in China won’t display the same price as Italian thermostatic faucets!

It can be tempting to want to save by doing some of the work yourself. However, hiring a bathroom specialist contractor can be advantageous and end up costing less. A good contractor has a lot to offer: a high level of knowledge and experience, advice, and excellent service. They will ensure that the various trades such as electricians and plumbers respect the schedule so that your bathroom is completed on time.

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