Cost to Demo a Bathroom in Greater Toronto & Montreal

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There are many different levels of bathroom renovations that you can undertake – you may only be looking to re-tile the floor and shower or to just change the outdated fixture. Your budget is always going to be an important factor when deciding on the scope of work you will implement to upgrade your existing bathroom.

If you are looking to make very encompassing changes to the layout and/or design of your bathroom, a demolition, ‘demo’ or ‘gut out’ is usually the first required step after the planning stages once work can commence. If you are ready to commence your bathroom project or would simply like some personal advice, speak to a renovation Advisor for no fee on 1-888-670-9742 or submit your project online and we’ll get in touch.

You might still be in the idea-gathering stage of the process. If so, you can have a look at some of our past clients’ bathroom remodelling projects at Reno-Inspiration. Along with a gallery, each project has its price tag attached to it to provide an idea of potential budgets required for similar renovations.

There are several factors which may signal the need for a complete bathroom remodel:

  • A growing family may stress the need for more space in the home
  • Constant repairs required for multiple parts of the bathroom may be less cost-effective than a remodel
  • Old out-dated style may be in desperate need for a makeover to improve the aesthetics of the home
  • It may be an incredibly valuable investment in increasing the resale value of your home

In one of our previous articles, Bathroom Renovation Costs in Toronto & Montreal, we look at the overall average costs of different tiers of complete bathroom renovations. When hiring a bathroom contractor for a bathroom remodel, they will generally incorporate the cost of several different elements in their quote including tiles, fixtures, sub-trades, labour, etc. Whether you require a contractor just for the gut out or are looking to hire a general contractor for the entire project, the typical cost you can expect to pay for this initial part of the job can range between $960 and $1800.

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Re-think a DIY demo

Although the idea of saving on the demo part of the renovation could sound appealing by taking it on yourself, depending on your knowledge and skills, you may cause unexpected damage, potentially add more expense to your budget to fix.

A gut out is rarely as simple as just demolishing the walls and floors. Wiring, plumbing and drain vents are strewn throughout the inside of the walls and the attached fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, and vanities will need to be uninstalled. Depending on how your current fixtures are installed, the complexity of a gut out can mean handling the existing plumbing, electrical wiring and framing. For safety purposes and to avoid damage it’s often advisable to have this taken care of by a bathroom contractor who may also employ a licensed sub-trade if the work requires it by law.

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Depending on your municipality, you may also require a permit from the city before you commence your bathroom demo. If you are unsure, it’s wise to contact the city beforehand or speak to a RenoAssistance renovation Advisor for advice.

We’ll refer the right contractor for your bathroom gut out

RenoAssistance has built a network of local reputable local contractors who specialize in the safe and efficient gut out of bathrooms for renovation or remodel. All of our contractors have had to meet our high standards to attain our 53-Point Verified stamp of approval. As part of our vetting process, we assess and monitor the past client references of each contractor along with their company registration, financial solvency, formal complaints, legal history and the validity of their insurance and licences.

Simply submit your project online or give us a call on 1-888-670-9742 and speak to an Advisor who will refer you up to three 53-Point Verified contractors to provide competing quotes on the project. The best part is our service is with no fees and there is no obligation to hire one of the contractors we refer, so you have nothing to lose!

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