15 Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Create Your Dream Bathroom

luxurious bathroom with wood details and stone bath

Creating a luxury bathroom for your home is a great investment. It’s a space for some of your most private moments, a room where you can unwind and practice self-care for healthy living. A luxury bathroom gives you spa-like peace of mind in the comfort and security of your own home. With some good planning and a few modern touches, you can have the relaxing oasis of your dreams. Whether you are building a house from scratch or remodeling your existing property, designing a modern bathroom with an upscale feel will add value to your home and your life.

How much does a luxury bathroom cost?

Pricing for luxury bathrooms varies. Some factors that may affect the cost of your remodel include where you live, the materials you use, and your overall design. For a luxury modern bathroom, you can expect the cost to be upwards of about $45,500 to $55,000. Remember, you are paying for quality work and materials that will last you a lifetime.

How can I make my bathroom luxurious?

There are plenty of ways to transform your bathroom into the luxury space of your dreams. If you have the space, converting your tub shower to a soaker tub and separate shower can do wonders for increasing the style and comfort of your bathroom. Know your options when it comes to types of showers and find one that suits your needs and your taste. If you need help finding the perfect layout for your space, we can connect you with local interior designers, like the lovely folks from the Association of Professional Interior Designers of Quebec! Need more help? Here are our top luxury bathroom ideas to get you started.

Luxury bathroom ideas

Fresh flowers, luxurious showers, low-level lighting, streamlined storage… there are many different ways to go about creating an upscale modern bathroom. Here are some of our favourite on-trend luxury bathroom ideas.

Zellige tiles

Zellige tiles are a solid option for a unique look since they are handmade and thus no two tiles are the same. Each tile has slight variations in colour and shape, creating a great deal of visual interest. If you’re looking for luxury bathroom ideas, this popular tile could be just the thing to spice up a boring shower wall or create the perfect bathroom backsplash for your countertops.


Why choose between a warm bath and lounging by the fire on a chilly day when you could do both at once? Adding a fireplace to your design is one of our favourite luxury bathroom ideas, bringing together all the elements of a cozy (or even romantic) night in. Nothing says comfort quite like watching the fire flicker while having a relaxing soak in the tub.

Marble wall

Many people hear “marble” and think floors or countertops, but why stop there? Marble walls look incredibly elegant, especially as part of a sleek bathroom design. It is the perfect combination of classic taste and modern bathroom trends. Whether you decide on a single colour palette for your bathroom or go with contrasting walls and fixtures, if you’re looking for luxury bathroom ideas, marble walls are an option that make your space exude opulence.

Heated floors

Have you ever had a nice, warm bubble bath that felt just right after a long, cold winter day, only to have your cozy bubble instantly popped by a cold floor? With heated flooring, it’ll never happen again. Nothing feels more luxurious than warm floors and toasty toes.

Freestanding soaking tub

A good bath can help you soak away the worries of your day. However, it can be hard to achieve your zen bath dreams if your soaking space feels cramped. In order to maximize the feeling of spa-like bliss in your home, you may want to consider adding a freestanding soaking tub to your bathroom. Nip claustrophobic layouts in the bud by having some space between the tub and the wall, giving yourself room to breathe (and bathe).

Water closet

A water closet offers homeowners an elegant way to keep their bathrooms feeling as welcoming as possible. When enjoying the luxuries of a sleek, modern bathroom, no one wants a reminder of what else happens in there. By hiding the toilet in its own little zone, it becomes easier to relax in your new oasis.

Luxe lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in bathroom designs. When looking for luxury bathroom ideas, consider high-end or custom lighting to make your space pop. Backlighting your mirror can give your bathroom a trendy look without added harshness. It can also complement and even highlight your choice of vanity. If you have high ceilings, pendant lights can be a great way to accent the size of the room and give it a modern look.

Fitted storage

No bathroom is complete without storage. However, it is important that your toiletries and towels be stored in a way that adds to the overall design, rather than looking cluttered or as if it were an afterthought. Fitted storage is a great solution for maintaining a refined look while also keeping your counters clear. If utilized properly, it can also change the overall feeling of the space, making the room feel taller or larger.

Contrasting textures

Don’t be afraid to play around with texture in your bathroom. Having everything feel the same – or look like it does – can be boring. It’s important to mix it up, using both rough and smooth materials. Concrete is a trendy material that can offer a nice contrast to the many smooth materials found in bathroom designs. Wallpaper can add both real and visual texture to the space. Even just playing around with matte and glossy finishes can make a world of difference.


Bringing added light into your bathroom can be tricky. Natural light is great for bathrooms, increasing the feeling of tranquility and even offering an ideal form of light for applying makeup. The tricky part is bringing in natural lighting without sacrificing privacy. Skylights are a fantastic option, allowing plenty of warm light into your luxury bathroom without giving your neighbours a direct view of your most private space.

Wall art

Do you have large walls and no idea what to fill them with? Do you feel like your luxury bathroom is missing something? A large piece of wall art may be just the thing you need to tie the room together. Taking advantage of the empty space for a picture of somewhere tranquil or a design you find calming can help orient your mindset toward relaxation in your at-home oasis.

Nature-inspired decor

Looking for something trendy and inviting? Try adding nature-inspired elements to your new design. Bringing in plant life into your space is like a breath of fresh air (literally). Having living things in your bathroom adds colour and the inevitable moisture of the room can be beneficial to some kinds of plants. Not ready for plant parenthood? Fake plants can look just as nice, or you could try a floral wallpaper or some wood paneling. Anything that brings nature indoors will help make your home more peaceful and luxurious.

Playing with colour

When it comes to design, colour is one of our favourite words! It’s an invitation to be creative and bold. Even in tranquil spaces, it is always helpful to have a splash (or a tidal wave) of colour. Bold walls or accent tiles are the obvious places to play with colour, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Even if you decide you want neutral walls, you can still have funky fixtures. The only limit in your new space is your imagination. Just because you want a modern bathroom with a luxurious feel doesn’t mean you have to play it safe with your palette.

Self-care stations

It’s the little details that really make your new design feel like home. A self-care station might be just what you need to settle in. Some helpful items to include are bubble bath, candles, or your favourite book to read in the bath. Whether you choose to have a little table in the corner or a tray that fits nicely across your tub, having your wineglass and favourite bath bombs handy is a recipe for relaxation.

Ornate accessories

Having all the elements of a luxury bathroom is great, but you need to tie it all together somehow. Selecting the right ornate accessories can be the difference between a good design and a great one. Consider choosing a soaker tub that matches the vein of your marble walls or floors. Large mirrors with ornate framing can make for a beautiful statement piece. There is a wide selection of items to choose from to complete the look of your bathroom; just be sure you choose things of the same quality level as the rest of your space, or all your hard work may not exude opulence the way you might like it to.

Ready to elevate your bathroom experience?

Designing a modern bathroom with a luxurious feel can seem daunting, but, with some of these ideas as part of your design, you are sure to create the space of your dreams. If you still aren’t sure what you want, we have plenty of completed projects for you to check out and find what you like best. We also have some great recommendations for making the most of small bathrooms, like opting for a shower conversion. You can also explore our handy bathroom remodel checklist. No matter how big or small, we can help you master your remodel.

Lily Mitchell is a part time author and full time student. Writing about her passions, like design, has always come naturally and she is exceptionally excited to be part of our team. Lily is currently studying Interior Decorating at Algonquin College.