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At RenoAssistance, we work with contractors worthy of our 360° Verified Contractor seal of approval - the best verification process in the industry! We also provide you with their full verification report when we refer a contractor to you. This way you'll be able to make an informed choice when taking a look at the quotes they send your way. 

A dedicated Renovation Advisor will be available to you throughout the entire process - whether it be to answer any questions you might have, or to review the quotes you receive wit you. 


Being a 360° Verified Contractor: what it takes

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We've put together a rigorous verification process to make sure you don't have to deal with con artists. We've heard way too many horror stories: whether it be about stolen deposits, botched work, and much more. Here are some of the criteria we take a look at when auditing the contractors we work with: 


• The contractor’s legal existence

We ensure that our contractors are a legally existing entity, giving you recourse should something go wrong.

• The contractor’s solvency

We verify and analyze the credit history and solvency of our contractors before we approve of them. This maximizes the chance that they'll fix their mistakes or honour their warranties, in the event that something goes wrong.

• Judicial records & complaints about the contractor

Because lawsuits and complaints are a good indicator of poor service or incompetence, we verify the judicial records of our contractors (if any) to see if they have received complaints. This will help us determine the relevance of the complaint. It'll also give us a clear picture of the contractor’s workmanship standards.

• The contractor’s licence

We ensure that our contractors have the valid, and/or necessary, licence (compulsory in the province of Quebec for any renovation project). We verify the categories and subcategories of their licences to match their expertise with the right projects.

• The contractor’s liability insurance

We require our contractors to be insured at all times. If our contractors, or their workers, cause any damage to your property during your project, their insurance will be able to cover for the damages.

• The contractor’s customer references

We contact past customers and inquire about the quality of the work done by the contractor, customer service, precautions taken during the construction or renovation project, after-sales service and much more!

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Our Verified Contractors specialize in turnkey renovations and major repairs over $4,000. If your project meets these criteria, I would love to help.

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