10 Commercial Office Design Trends for 2023

office trends with wall decorative plants in conference room

To encourage employees to return to the office, commercial spaces need to prioritize interior design best practices. Our experts have thrown their office design trend predictions into the ring, and they reflect the significant changes that have impacted workplace aesthetics, culture, and ethics. Sustainability, inclusive spaces, natural colours… You’ll definitely find the perfect fit for your office!

1. Some seriously fun spaces

Since most workers are hesitant to return to traditional office spaces, organizations have been forced to rethink their interior design. The latest office design trend is known as serious fun, and it incorporates playful features and colours reminiscent of childhood while maintaining a professional atmosphere. This design approach aims to entice workers to come back to the office.

How to include it: Bring on that neon reminiscent of arcade chic, pick furniture in fun shapes, or go with a lively colour palette. Just make sure to keep it all balanced and consistent.

2. Sustainable design for your office space

As we become increasingly aware of the impact of global warming, more businesses are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. This year’s office interior design trends stress the importance of reducing waste, using biosourced materials, and purchasing sustainable and ethically produced furniture. Employees can also compost leftovers at the office. In short, we can all do our part by going green.

How to include it: Eco-friendly renovation standards are complex, so it’s better to call on certified specialists to help oversee your renovation or interior design project.

3. Design geared to Gen Y and Z

Now that Millennials and Gen Z make up a larger portion of the workforce, companies must adapt to their preferences! These groups are passionate about design, including furniture and accessories. Industrial design is a fan favourite, as are any decorative elements that balance form and function. It’s more important than ever to stay on top of office design trends to attract and retain top talent.

How to include it: Why settle for a standard desk when you can have an ergonomic standing desk? They’re functional, aesthetic, and better for the body. Also, consider supporting local millennial-run businesses in your area, especially those that sell office supplies and accessories.

4. 3D-printed office items and furniture

Looking for more eco-friendly office design trends? Pick up some 3D-printed office accessories! Not only is this manufacturing method incredibly innovative, but it’s also energy efficient! A recent study done by the University of Michigan found that energy savings can reach up to 61% when designing items with a 3D printer. This innovative technology is a game changer for design enthusiasts looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

How to include it: Some companies like Bene offer a full line of 3D-printed furniture, accessories, and other office supplies. You can also purchase from independent artisans who sell flower pots, phone holders, and other practical items.

5. Neurodiverse zones – space to thrive

Office interior design trends show a shift toward inclusivity, particularly in creating workspaces that cater to neurodiverse individuals. So, neither enclosed nor open layouts fit the bill: we need adaptable spaces that can be customized to each employee’s unique needs. Offices that value accessibility will prioritize soothing colour palettes and provide each employee with the tools they need to succeed. From dimmer switches on overhead lights to noise-cancelling headphones and ear plugs at every desk, each detail should help promote a comfortable and productive environment.

How to include it: Create designated quiet zones or incorporate acoustic booths to reduce noise and encourage focus. Consider standing desks for those who can’t sit still, sensory tools to help folks stim as needed, or even exercise equipment to encourage movement. Successful corporate interior design offers a variety of spaces that cater to diverse needs, allowing employees to work at their own pace.

6. Well-being at work on the agenda

Have you heard about WELL certification? It promotes human health and well-being based on scientific and medical research. Certification covers 10 concepts that can greatly impact our quality of life: air, water, light, comfort, sound, materials, spirit, community, movement, and food. By incorporating these concepts into the office, you can create a space that looks and feels good.

How to include it: There are four levels to choose from: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. To make sure all aspects of wellness are covered, the organization has outlined specific criteria for several categories.

7. Resimercial, ever present

Resimercial design is a popular office design trend that aims to bring the comfort of your own home into commercial spaces. With the rise of telework and hybrid work, bosses are aiming to create warm and welcoming spaces to lure employees back to their desks. The right combination of comfortable seating, flexible spaces, and lighting options result in happier and more productive employees! Bonus: We can finally phase out those blinding fluorescent ceiling lights!

How to include it: For a more soothing office space, consider adding warm materials like wood. Opt for plants instead of knickknacks to enhance the atmosphere and create a relaxing environment. You can also use carpets to define rest areas. In general, take inspiration from home interior design trends when mapping out your new office layout.

8. Design elements in natural colours 

Say goodbye to gaudy corporate logos in office decor! To promote harmony and relaxation, office trends are leaning toward neutral colours, mixed materials, and natural elements. Begin by incorporating your company’s colours but choose lighter shades in the same palette. For example, if your logo features bright orange, go with a terracotta that serves as a reminder rather than buying couch cushions in intense shades. 

How to include it: Choose pale shades like moss green, blue-grey, and beige as accents to highlight your company’s main branding colours. Avoid more aggressive tones like firetruck red. 

9. Curves and arches for an organic design

Office design trends are now embracing the same curves and arches seen in residential spaces! We’re ditching the straight lines in favour of more rounded and organic shapes to create a natural feel in the workplace. So, grab some rounded furniture, wall dividers, office supplies, and even light fixtures to create balance.

How to include it: If you’re looking to add curves to your office space without major renovations, try adding semi-transparent wood slat dividers. For smaller changes, consider irregularly shaped furniture like armchairs, low tables, lunch counters, or benches with rounded ends. These simple additions can transform your space with minimal effort.

10. Biophilic design in office spaces

Having plants in the office has many benefits. Not only can they improve employee mental health, but they can also add a fresh touch to office decor. Plants can offset the cold clinical vibe from technology and typical office lighting that make workspaces seem depressing. Adding a few potted plants, hanging macramé, flower bins in shared areas, or even a moss wall in the reception area will complete the desired warm effect.

How to include it: When choosing plants for your commercial space, be sure to consider the amount of natural light available in various areas of the office. It’s also a good idea to task a few individuals with green thumbs to care for the plants. Snake plants and pothos plants are some low-maintenance options. 

Just say no to outdated trends

Commercial office design trends are influenced by the need for a feeling of community and a strong sense of corporate identity. It can be tough to navigate the options and make lasting decisions. So, we’ve compiled a list of design mistakes to avoid in the process.

Enough with the grey already

Let soft natural dark tones have their fifteen minutes of fame without falling headfirst into a clichéd grey abyss. Be modern but also make sure to breathe some life into your work environment. Don’t get stuck in monochromatic offices riddled with greys and whites. Instead, use colour to add character and distinguish your commercial office design from others.

Carpet with imposing patterns

Bold and colourful geometric patterns on carpet can look great in common areas, sure, but not throughout the entire office. Stick with a neutral look to help employees focus. Carpet with imposing patterns can not only draw attention away from a space’s natural elements and windows but also distract from the work at hand.

Boring bathrooms

The office bathroom is just as important as the rest of the workspace, even if you don’t spend much time there. So, make it memorable! It never hurts to have customers spread word about your beautiful bathroom. And if you’ve got an office, your employees will love having a cozy and quiet retreat. 

Open concept is out

Open spaces need furniture to create defined areas for work and relaxation. Adding couches, armchairs, or desks can help break up the space. When planning the layout, be sure to keep these areas separate to avoid distracting colleagues who need to focus.

Oversized furniture

To achieve a classic design style in your commercial space, avoid chunky and overly embellished furniture. Keep it simple, even if you choose antique pieces. Don’t overcrowd the space and prioritize ergonomics. These are key when integrating any office design trend.


Timeless trends in office and commercial spaces 

Certain office interior design trends are timeless. They endure, and they won’t give your business an outdated appearance. Here are some sure bets for office design and layout.


Adding mouldings to your walls can enhance the personality of a room. Think trim and crown moulding and go for plain rectangles if you want a classic look. They’re timeless and can complement the overall design. 

Pale wood

Pale wood can enhance the appearance of any space. It’s also versatile: wood shelves and desk organization tools make for great accent pieces, while desks and wall slats can make it the star of the show. No matter which routes you take, pale wood adds light and beauty to any space. 

Design that reflects your image 

Choosing a design that reflects your company’s values is crucial for both customer and employee satisfaction. In addition, a well-designed and functional office can improve the work environment, resulting in happier and more productive employees. Let these trends inspire your next office renovation project or the construction of a new workspace.

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Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.