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Clinic Renovation

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The construction or renovation of any type of clinic is a major project. Obviously, only the best results are expected and that is why choosing your contractor is a key step. Good contractors are those who will do professional work on time and on budget, whether it's a dental clinic, a medical clinic, a physiotherapy clinic, a massage therapy centre or a spa.

massage room

Renovation of a dental clinic

A clinic renovation may be done for several reasons. For efficiency of service, you should consider a rearrangement of the layout of the clinic to add a room or to replace the furniture and/or fix equipment. For customer service, it's advisable to update your premises roughly every decade to maintain the integrity of your brand image. You should keep in mind that for clients a dental clinic is seen as a place of cleanliness and hygiene based on the nature of dental procedures i.e. teach cleaning, whitening, etc. Therefore, it's normal that your customers expect to feel that they are in a clean, chic, bright and inviting place!

Health clinic renovation

Who said that the clinics had to be all monotonous with creamy white paint? Dare to stand out with colours and furniture and materials that reflect high-end luxury. The goal here is to relax the mind of your patients with an environment where the waiting time is more comfortable and enjoyable than in public clinics that are full of people and where you feel like you are going back in time when entering the premises. If people pay to go to your private clinic, they expect a more satisfying experience with an up-to-date decor and even ahead of its time. Renovating ensures you respect and surpass their expectations and retain them as clients!

waiting room renovation

Physiotherapy Clinic Renovation

Whether it's at the reception of your centre or in the treatment rooms of your physiotherapy clinic, it's important to convey the spirit of professionalism and the seriousness of your company by maintaining a beautiful clinic. Depending on the size of your centre, it may be possible to separate your premises from physiotherapists, orthopaedists, osteopaths, massage therapists and others. Each of these premises has a unique style that meets the needs of massage chairs and machines so that guests do not have to change rooms 2-3 times during their sessions. A well-organized centre will increase the productivity and the number of customers you can take per day!

Spa and Massage Therapy Centre Renovation

Since massage therapy is considered a 'luxury' service, it's normal for customers to expect a beautiful premises in which to be treated. The desired experience during a visit to a spa or massage therapy centre is relaxation in an enchanting and relaxing environment. This environment will improve the visit of your customers and encourage them to come back or even share their visit with their friends. We all know the power of social networks and the advantage of a business being shared via social media by a happy customer as free advertising. With a beautiful new centre, it may prompt your customers to also take beautiful photos that they'll want to share. Their friends in-turn will be encouraged to become new clients through the beauty of digital word-of-mouth. Here are some pictures of a centre named Neospa that one of our contractors recently completed with our support.

Spaces and waiting rooms

Waiting rooms are places where your clients sometimes have to wait for several minutes before their appointment. If they don't have something to read or a cell phone to pass the time with, they are more inclined to become impatient and agitated. They will tend to notice all the details that surround them in the waiting room. Also, make sure your waiting room is beautiful and up to the image of the brand you want to project so that they remember their experience for the right reasons. No matter what service your clinic offers, as long as customers are paying a considerable amount for your service, they expect to be in a comfortable environment that reflects the relative value.

Meet our contractors and you'll see the difference!

Whether it's a dental clinic, medical clinic, physiotherapy clinic, massage therapy clinic or a spa, it's crucial to find the right contractors for your clinic renovation for a professional job, on time and on budget.

Reno-Assistance has built a network of contractors in all construction and renovation specialties, all of whom have attained our 360° Verified seal of approval, so you can be sure that they are the best to carry out your clinic renovation project, achieving the results you want - and they have the satisfied clients who can attest to it.

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Choose the best contractor with the help of an expert advisor

One of our renovation advisors with thousands of projects of experience will review your plans with you or your project manager to ensure we understand your needs. We will then introduce up to 3 of our best contractors to bid on your project. We will review their estimates with you and help you select the ideal contractor for your clinic renovation project. Don't take chances with your construction or renovation project, choose the perfect architects, engineers and professional contractors to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. On top of that, our service is free of charge and with no obligation!

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It's our turn to take care of you

Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form on the right to start your project today. There's no fee or obligation to work with contractors that we refer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start your project with Reno-Assistance today.

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