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Start your commercial or industrial building renovation on the right foot

Once you have your project in mind, it's time to find the right contractors for its achievement and ask yourself the right questions. You now need to know the space required, whether you need to expand or construct a new building, whether your building needs major renovations and how can the required renovations have a positive impact on your business.

Don't entrust your work to strangers when you can work with 360° Verified Contractors who are certified and have a proven track-record of providing quotes at the right price and delivering high-quality work on time and on budget.

The ideal contractor can advise you on several aspects of your project such as:

  1. Realization of architectural plans
  2. Construction licenses
  3. Foundations, framing and insulation
  4. Building construction
  5. Electricity and plumbing
  6. A sprinkler system for fire protection
  7. Roofing
  8. Exterior cladding
  9. Heating and cooling systems
  10. Interior and exterior painting
  11. The site review

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1- The realization of architectural plans

For all commercial and industrial works that involve a change in the structure of your building, you will need to obtain an architect or engineer's plan to be eligible for a building permit. The architects are also there to help you put your ideas on paper and to propose ideas for renovation plans for your commercial or industrial building. They will offer independent advice on your project with a professional look that will allow you to arrive at the optimal design solution.

For more information about commercial architects, visit our commercial architecture page.

2- Construction permits

For any renovation, you will need to obtain one or more permits from your city, who will have to approve your works according to the architectural plans obtained. Your architect and your contractors will therefore know what types of permits you will need and can guide you in going about obtaining them.

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3- Foundations, framing and insulation

When constructing a new building, you will need new foundations, new framing and an efficient insulation for your field of activity. To ensure the long-term survival of your building and to avoid rebuilding, it will all need to be done the right way, right from the start. Choose foundation construction contractors who will make your building a true fortress against the external environment.

4- Development of industrial or commercial buildings

For performance and efficiency, or simply for aesthetic reasons, interior fittings can be very useful. Our architects and contractors have the experience to do this type of work. They are as capable of taking over an office renovation as an industrial warehouse renovation.

Visit our office development page to find out more about this type of work in relation to warehouse developments.

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5- Electricity and plumbing

Whether it is for internal or external lighting, to power production machines or any other task requiring expertise of a commercial electrician, we have the experts for your project. The same goes for providing your building with water source with the work of plumbers in commercial projects that you will need for your renovation or construction.

To read more about our commercial electricians, you can visit our commercial electrician page.

6- A sprinkler system for fire protection

In terms of safety and insurance, it's highly possible that during the lifetime of your building you will have to change or add a sprinkler system for fire protection and in the same way protect your employees and customers. To install and connect this type of system, you will need to do business with experienced contractors, since you can't allow any room for error in this type of project.

Find out more here on our sprinkler systems page.

Fire safety

7- The roof

It is important to do an annual check on the condition of your roof to make sure it keeps you dry, but also that it protects your building from possible water infiltration that would eventually result in mold. Often neglected, but so important, your roof provides protection to your entire building.

Do not hesitate to consult our commercial roofing page to learn more about the materials and their characteristics.

8- The exterior cladding

You would not dare to spend a full day outdoors in winter without wearing a coat and it's the same principle for your exterior cladding. If it's old, damaged or doesn't effectively block outdoor weather, it can affect your structure and could cause costly damage due to infiltration and mold. It's therefore essential to change your coating at the first signs of weakness. In addition, your exterior cladding is the view of your building that people see first so it's important that it's representative of your brand's message.

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9- Heating and cooling systems

For heating or air conditioning, maintaining an appropriate temperature in your building has an affect on your products, your employees and don't forget your energy bill at the end of the month. It's always important to have a good system but, above all, a system made for the space that you have and which will be able to meet all your needs at the lowest cost. A heating or air conditioning system must be adapted to your commercial or industrial building.

Find out more about our commercial air conditioning and heating contractors.

10- The paint

Once the renovations have been completed and the walls are assembled or even to simply refresh the decor of your building, you always have the option of having the interior or exterior painted which can give your building a new look at a fairly affordable price.

See the kind of commercial painting projects possible.

11- The review of the construction site

Throughout the site, your contractor will ensure that the work performed meets matches your requirements and those detailed in your architectural plan. They can ensure that everything is structurally up to code and completed according to the plans so that your renovation is a success!

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Your building deserves to be surrounded by the best!

Starting on a solid foundation is paramount, especially when your project involves an establishment meant for commercial or industrial purposes. To ensure that you start off on the rig, we have set up a database of entrepreneurs from various fields, all of them Verified at 360°:

  • Architects
  • General contractors
  • Building engineers
  • Structural experts
  • Roofers
  • Foundation contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • and much more

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360° Verified Commercial contractors and architects

For your commercial project, you need to make sure you have experienced and verified contractors to ensure the desired end result. Our contractors and commercial architects have been vetted through with a fine tooth comb. We verify they have the right licenses, valid insurance, no outstanding claims with the Consumer Protection Office, satisfactory litigation history if any, that they have a good financial health and especially that they have a proven track-record of satisfied customers.

So contact us today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our services are free of charge and with no obligations!

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