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Up to 3 free quotations
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Get the perfect general commercial contractor for your business

At Reno-Assistance we understand the importance of finding the best general contractor to ensure your project is a success and at the best price! We have vetted hundreds of contractors from all over the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and we will refer those who best match your search criteria, all for free!

How does Reno-Assistance ensure the trustworthiness of contractors?

Our company has verified each of our partnered contractors since we began operations in 2010 to separate dishonest contractors from those with impeccable records. Contractors who meet our standards and criteria attain our 360° Verified seal of approval. The verification is updated every week for all contractors to strictly monitor the ongoing behaviour and compliance of contractors we work with. The verification ensures, among other things, that your general contractor's business has:

  • Valid corporation & HST registration
  • Valid T85/RBQ licences where applicable
  • Valid liability insurance
  • No unresolved complaints with consumer protection organizations
  • Satisfactory litigation history
  • A stable financial position
  • Impeccable client references

We don't just ask you to take our word for the reputation of our contractors, we will give you access to the Verification Report for all contractors we refer before you meet with them. For more details on our verification process, we invite you to visit our page on 360° Verification.

What projects can our contractors take care of?

Here is a quick list of popular projects for which we have many talented commercial contractors.

Construction, development and office renovation

When opening an office or simply when it's time to redesign the office for functionality or to bring it up to date, we strongly advise you to go through our 360° Verified contractors. They not only have the expertise but experience in all types of office renovations and they can offer you solutions that you may not have considered for your office renovation. You can see for yourself the renovation of our own offices that we carried out with the help of one of our contractors, verified in 2014.

Reno-Assistance Office Project - Commercial

Renovation of commercial and industrial buildings

For the purposes of practicality, efficiency, safety and brand representation, it's essential to have a commercial or industrial building that has been renovated to ensure compliance with these aforementioned points. The redevelopment, maintenance, renovation and construction are areas in which our contractors excel. Here is an example of the Legend Boats project we carried out in 2016 with the help of a 360° Verified contractor referred by Reno-Assistance.

Bateaux Legend Project - Rénovation concessionnaire

Store renovation

Whether for a development, a renovation or a construction of a shop, the contractors we have in our network remain indispensable resources in the realization of your store renovation. They will guide you to achieve your goals by creating a dream space where your customers can shop by giving them access to a welcoming, unique and brand-named store!

Renovation of restaurant/bar

We know how demanding the hospitality industry is. In addition to being extremely competitive, it's always in constant evolution. To survive, it can be necessary to flip everything on it's side to keep fresh and distinguish yourself from competitors. This can come in the form of evolution of your restaurant or bar over time with, among other things, a renovation of the premises. Reno-Assistance has helped several restaurants and bars to stay up-to-date over the years and survive the tough competition in the market. Here you can see the Bar Palco project of 2015.

Bar Palco Project - Commercial

Clinic renovation

Over the years, we have recruited a number of contractors who have refurbished dental clinics, private medical clinics, spa centres, etc. There are projects where everything has to be harmonious in respect to the style demanded by the customer and our contractors are fully aware of it. See the refurbishment of the Neospa Health Clinic that was completed in 2013. See more information about clinic renovations here.

Neospa Project - Construction clinique santé

Daycare renovation

For our youngsters, it's essential to have a healthy learning environment. Hence, the importance of having trusted contractors who are making renovations as unique as they are safe. Our child care centre specialized contractors have carried out several projects since 2010 and are able to differentiate themselves from the competition with their turnkey solutions. Here is an example, the renovation of the Lachine Daycare, completed in 2017.

Garderie Lachine Project - Aménagement garderie privée

Specialized commercial contractors

Perhaps your commercial renovation project does not necessarily require a general commercial contractor, but rather a specialized commercial contractor. For example, for a roofing, masonry, heating and air conditioning project, paving and any other type of specialized commercial project, one of our contractors specialized in this field has the skills and experience to take care of the job.

The help of architects, engineers and several other experts

Our help does not stop with entrepreneurs. If you ever need architecture or engineering plans for approval as a city requirement to advance in structural work, we have several commercial architects and commercial engineers to refer to you. They will be able to work closely with your contractors to ensure that the plans you need are drawn in accordance with regulations and are followed by the contractors.

best architect

A good general commercial contractor is often a real specialist!

Your renovation project has an important impact on the experience of your clientele and your employees who perceive the renovation as an improvement. That's why we have already selected and Verified at 360° the best general contractors specialized in commercial and industrial buildings who will do everything possible to satisfy your expectations. Your renovation advisor will be able to identify the perfect contractors to complete your project.

Restaurant Vivere Project - Fast Food Counter

A good general contractor is one who is able to manage the construction or renovation work while guiding you through all stages of the project including:

  • Architectural Design
  • Building Codes and Building Permits
  • Foundation, Framing and Insulation
  • Electricity and Plumbing
  • Outdoor Siding
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Carpentry and Paint

A good general contractor is also the one who will be able to minimize the impact of the work on your customers and your employees. Therefore, they will ensure that your company remains open during the work when possible. They will also reduce the inconvenience of changes in plumbing and ventilation, and minimize the inconvenience caused by noise and dust. In short, they will ensure to meet your needs and take into account your customers and the impacts on your productivity. A good general commercial contractor will take to heart the satisfaction of his clientele since he is also a business owner, and will understand your needs.

Whether your project involves building or renovating your commercial or industrial building, renovating your restaurant, offices, shop or for more specialized work such as building's outer envelope, doors and windows, roofing etc., we have the contractors you need.

store windows design

Don't you have enough to manage already?

Reno-Assistance has an extensive network of general contractors who have attained our 360° Verified seal of approval, to give you the confidence that they are the best to carry out your project and have the satisfied customers to prove it.

Our network of contractors also includes all experts of various specialities, including electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, exterior siding contractors, carpentry contractors, and painters, but also other professional services such as architectural firms and engineers so that you can carry out your construction or renovation projects stress-free.

By working with our renovation advisors who have provided advice on thousands of projects, you will receive up to 3 competing quotes from our best general commercial contractors for your construction or renovation project. Your advisor will evaluate the estimates with you and help you choose the best general commercial contractor... all for free.

Adrien Gagnon Project - Office Expansion

Finding the right commercial contractor is easier with Reno-Assistance

Simply call us or fill out the form on the right to start your project today. There is no fee or obligation to work with the contractors we recommend. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Start your project with Reno-Assistance today!

Speak to a renovation advisor now! 1-888-670-9742

Let me help you to find your contractors

Francis Guertin

Account Manager - Commercial Division

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