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Office space planning, renovation and commercial construction

A pleasant work environment is important for everyone, here are the 4 main advantages of renovating your offices:

  • Leave a good first impression on your potential customers (especially if you have a lot of spontaneous visits)
  • Help your employees be more productive, helping you achieve even more long-term benefits
  • Give your space a new look and help you retain your existing employees and attract new ones (employees prefer to work in a modern, stylish office)
  • Be more energy efficient - reduce up to 40% of your energy expenses

If you plan to build or renovate your offices, you will need a team of seasoned construction specialists to complete your project. In addition, because your main priority is for your business to continue to function well, you need a project manager or a professional general contractor. They can design and complete your new premises without having to interrupt your business's operations.

This is where RenoAssistance comes in. We can find you the best-suited professional general contractor who will help you carry out your projects and deal with any issues that arise during the work.

Workspace Design Ideas

Each business is different and it's important to cater to our needs when developing an office layout plan to arrive at a division plan that will maximize staff productivity.

Cubicles (partitions)

The cubicle has become a staple in most offices that are limited by space for a large number of employees. It allows the organization of movable and temporary installations which can be moved at any time if necessary. It also allows for closeness between employees who can communicate easily at all times thanks to the proximity to their colleagues. It's a solution that is very affordable, adjustable at any time and customizable.

Obviously, its big flaw is the lack of privacy, space and sharing of noises between workspaces. A study conducted in 2013 at the University of Sydney in Australia showed a 5-10% decline in job performance of employees when it is possible to intentionally or unintentionally hear conversation from colleagues in adjacent cubicles.

Closed offices

Closed gypsum offices offer a larger workspace with soundproofing. They're ideal when you need privacy and silence as part of your job. If you have to take the phone often and you do not have a headset that cancels the noise from elsewhere, then this type of office is ideal for you.

Obviously closed offices will cost more to construct than cubicles. This is because the walls are made of gypsum and are not mobile.

Open offices

For companies that rely on teamwork and active collaboration, the choice is simple: open offices. These can be partially enclosed walls for minimal privacy if needed or simply open to the office floor, depending on the style sought.

Just like cubicles, privacy is limited and noise circulates even more easily. This can be a good solution for companies that need easy open and frequent communication with colleagues.

Glass office walls

An increasingly popular solution that adds some high-end style to your office. We see it used just as frequently for the conference rooms as for the office of the head of the company. It's a way to show employees that the boss is visible, accessible, and available to their employees and at the same time allows them the privacy required for important calls, private meetings, and to oversee their staff. Each company should have this type of office on their premises if possible.

However, it needs to be noted that it tends to be more expensive to construct this type of soundproof room partially closed off with gypsum.

Conference room

Another trend for companies becoming increasingly important is the necessity of a beautiful and large conference room. Whether it be for in-house meetings or to receive important clients or partners, a large conference room conveys the seriousness of your company. It also provides a private enclosed space for all your important meetings.

Designs and tips to make your office pleasant for its employees

Recreation room

The new trend increasingly on the rise in businesses is to introduce an entertainment area for employees to let off some steam and escape from stress if only for 20-30 minutes. This can come in the form of a video games area, a Foosball or ping pong table. Recreation areas have been proven to increase job satisfaction in employees and, in turn, productivity.

Relaxation room

Are your employees living and working day after day in a stressful office environment? Have you considered providing a relaxation space where they can briefly relax and unwind from the pressure they are experiencing? The performance improvement you'll see is surprising!

Create a lively atmosphere; add colour

Add life to your office by adding flowers, plants and all kinds of perennials to break up the monotonous atmosphere that too many offices have. Don't be afraid to be adventurous with bright and lively colours that fit your brand! You can do this while still reflecting the work environment.

Commercial architects for development plans

The contribution of an architect can be very useful during certain redevelopment or renovation projects. They can help you in many ways. First of all, they will help you to achieve the goals of your development whatever they are (increase the working space, arrange the walls in a different way, adapt the office to the tastes of the day, etc.). Then, while respecting your ideas and your ultimate goal, they will offer you different styles of adaptation between rooms or spaces. This is done to find the most efficient and artistic situation for your company. These plans would allow contractors to bid on a single plan. Therefore, it would be easy to compare quotes as they should each reflect the same work to be done and make sure you have exactly what you have in mind as the end result.

Visit our Commercial Architects page for more details.

We're the experts you need to find your contractor

RenoAssistance was founded to help busy people like you by finding you quality professionals with whom to work. We have renovation advisors who have worked on thousands of renovation and construction projects including several commercial office projects. Your advisor will review your project to understand your needs, introduce you to up to 3 professional contractors to bid on your project. They will also review their estimates with you and help you select the contractor that best suits your project.

We have established a network of professional contractors in all trades. We have vetted them using our 360° Verification process in order to obtain our seal of approval and give you the confidence that they are among the best to ensure your project is a success. They also have satisfied customers who can attest to it.

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