Turn your office plans into reality with a professional crew.

Yes, renovation is not free, but it’s an investment that will provide a positive return. Here are five of the major benefits that come with renovating your office:

  • A newly renovated office will make a great first impression to your prospective clients and customers (particularly if you get lots of walk-in traffic).
  • A newly renovated office will be more energy efficient, reducing your energy costs as much as 40%.
  • A newly renovated office will help your staff be more productive, helping you earn more of a profit in the long run.

A newly renovated office will give your space a new look, helping you retain your current employees and attracting new ones (employees prefer to work in a sleek, modern office).
If you’re looking at building or renovating your office, you’ll need a seasoned construction crew to make it happen. And because keeping your business running smoothly is your first priority, you need a professional project manager or general contractor you can trust with creating your new office space without any business disruptions.

That’s where Reno-Assistance comes in. We can find you a professional general contractor who will make your plans come to life and handle any questions or issues that come up in the course of the work. And that contractor is also responsible for hiring the rest of the crew — all trusted tradespeople with a solid track record.

We’re pros at finding the right pros.

Reno-Assistance was founded to help business people like you find quality tradespeople to work with. We have experienced Renovation Advisors who have worked on thousands of renovation projects. Your advisor will review your project to understand your needs, send you up to three professional contractors to quote on your job and review their quotes, helping you select the contractor who’s right for your project in every trade.

We’ve built a network of professional contractors in every trade and pre-approved them with our 360° Verified Contractor process — our stamp of approval, so you know you’re getting the best for your job — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

We can refer general construction contractors, structural engineers, architects, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, carpentry contractors and any other professional you might need to renovate your office space.

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