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Commercial Painters

For the interior, exterior, industrial, commercial or any other type of project, we have the expert painters for your business. We have built a network of only the best commercial painters from across Quebec and the Greater Toronto Area. They have attained our 360° Verified Contractor seal of approval to compete on your project, all at no cost!

Interior Commercial Painting

Good quality paint applied by an expert will refresh the look of your business and impress your customers. It'll look great in your building for years to come. It's an affordable change that brings a lot of value. It's crucial to keep your entrance/reception area, and any other room in your company to which your customers will have access, up to date.

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Outdoor Commercial Painting

Has the paint on your exterior cladding grown old and rubbed off? Is the material still in good condition and effectively protects you from the weather? Have you considered repainting it to save costs and give it the look it had once upon a time? The same option also applies to all new businesses which settle in the premises of former companies and have to adjust the exterior colours to those of their brand.

Aluminum and Vinyl Coating Paint

Contractors will first wash your aluminium or vinyl surface with a degreaser and then rinse. Once the surface is clean and smooth, they will apply on average 2 coats of 100% acrylic paint or another similar formula to achieve a lasting result!

Acrylic Coating Paint

For an acrylic stucco coating, the process is a little different, but just as manageable. Both for aesthetic reasons and those of preservation, a fresh coat of paint on your acrylic stucco can last a good 15 years when done by experts. Specialist painters use a high-quality unique coating that they spread with a spray gun.

Wood stain and paint coating

With wood siding, contractors will first clean with a water power-washer to make it as smooth and clean as possible. Then they'll apply the correct varnish or the necessary paint.

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Painting is art so choose artists for your painting project

The state of your company's exterior impacts your customers' and employees' first impression and gives them a clue as to whether your business is healthy, whether you maintain your equipment, whether you care for your assets, whether customer experience is important to you and much more. Thus, taking care of your company's paint will allow you to increase its visibility, its reputation, and its overall ambiance.

On the other hand, a poorly maintained building exterior can give an opposite and, consequently, negative image. This threatens the acquisition of new customers and the pride of your employees. Imagine a restaurant with a facade with paint peeling off all over. What would you think? Would you like to project the image of a clean and orderly business or the image of an old, poorly maintained business that doesn't make enough profit to maintain their appearance?

Whether for interior painting, exterior painting, epoxy paint for a commercial project, or for repainting the interior of a factory, workshop, warehouse or other industrial building, we have the best-specialized painters for you!

Our painters are experts, professionals and artists!

Like all the contractors in our network, we've verified our commercial painters to make sure you can trust them. All those who are now Verified 360° have been analyzed against extensive criteria, all of which is included in their verification report. We will provide you with it before you meet with them.

The steps to obtain commercial and industrial painter quotes are very simple. Call us at 1 888-670-9742or fill in the form on your right and an advisor will contact you to gather all the necessary information regarding your project. They will then refer you to up to three 360° Verified Contractors best suited to your project. Once the estimates are received, they will take the time to review them with you so that you can make an informed choice.

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