Increase the value of your building

Skimping on the planning phase of any renovation can also cause problems down the road. Poorly designed or unappealing balconies and staircases can detract from the look and value of your building. On the other hand, professionally designed balconies and stairs can create curb appeal that draws prospects into the building to rent or buy. Investing in a designer or architect can make the end product that much better. And that improves your bottom line.

Safe balconies and staircases

At one time balconies and staircases were made from 2 main materials: wrought iron and wood. Today there are so many more materials that are safe, durable and pleasing to both the eye and the budget. You can choose from a great range of balcony and staircase materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • Acrylic cement
  • PVC
  • Treated or synthetic wood
  • Natural wood
  • Natural or man-made stone
  • New materials from recycled material
  • and other materials that stand up to the elements and last.

The pitfalls of poor workmanship

If you’ve ever owned property, you know that finding the right person for construction or renovation work is not easy. All too often, you find out that the person you hired isn’t delivering on promises made: timelines aren’t respected, budget overruns are common and the quality of the work is substandard. In the case of balconies and stairs, poor workmanship is not only undesirable, it’s dangerous.

Find a professional contractor

Repairing or constructing balconies and staircases requires a contractor specializing in carpentry, masonry, foundations and siding. You can trust your balcony and staircase construction projects to Réno-Assistance. We have a large network of professional contractors who have been Verified 360° – our thorough process for verifying that contractors are licensed, experienced and competitive with happy customers. Our expert Renovation Advisors will review your project with you and send you up to 3 contractors to quote on your balcony and/or stair project. We’ll review the PerfectMatch Quotes with you and help you select the contractor that’s right for you.

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