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Converting a rental or property into a condominium property can be very profitable, if done right. Knowing the steps, following the rules and working with an experienced guide to find professional contractors for your building conversion all increase your chances for a successful and profitable project.

First a few tips

  • Find out when or if a building conversion is possible:
    - for the type of rental building you own
    - in the community you live in (check with your city’s urban planning department)
    Remember you can’t proceed with your municipality’s authorization!
  • Once you have received authorization, you have to work with:
    - a land surveyor to create new deeds for the Land Registry
    - a notary for the condominium declaration (it’s like a constitution for the condo)
    - in all cases, a building conversion from rental to condo has to be approved by the rental board in your province
  • Next comes construction:
    - building permits
    - architectural plans
    - turnkey construction contractors

That’s where we come in!

Semi detached conversion

What types of building conversions are possible

The most common type of conversion is to convert a private property into rental homes or a rental property. We see 3-storey houses where a bachelor is created in the basement to rent and pay off a good part of their own mortgage. In this case, you have to create an independent entrance to your basement residence and this requires work that affects the structure of your building. You will also need to completely remodel the interior of your basement which may include a new bathroom, a new kitchen and more. Our general contractors can take the entire project in charge to simplify your task and make you save in management costs and time.

new entry in house

Ready to convert your rental property

When you’re ready to clear out the old rental property and start your building project, we can be your guide to finding the right professionals for every part of your construction. We can help you assemble your building conversion team from architects to turnkey construction contractors and everything in between, such as structural engineers and electrical, plumbing, masonry, tiling and lighting contractors.

bachelor in house

Personal renovation advisors to guide you

Our experienced Renovation Advisors will review your building conversion plans to understand your needs and send you up to 3 contractors that are right for your project. Receive their PerfectMatch Quotes and choose the contractor and budget that best suits your building project. There’s no obligation and the service is free.

apartment conversion

Professional contractors verified at 360°

Contractors who join our network are qualified by our Verified 360° process to ensure their licenses and certifications are valid, their work meets our standards and their clients are happy with their work. We match the contractor to the job – you can be sure that only contractors experienced in building conversions will quote on your project. Our reputation depends on satisfying our customers and we conduct a follow-up survey after every job for a 360° view of our service. We don’t charge our customers because our contractor network pays for our referral service, like they would pay any other medias for advertising. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: we have trusted professional contractors to quote on your building conversion and our contractors are referred to quality clients like you. They save on their marketing and benefit from the support we provide.

conversion apartment

Try our services, there are no obligations

Fill a form on the right side of this page and one of our renovation advisors experienced in building conversions will call you to guide you with your project. Get started on your building conversion today!

Happy renovations start here!

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It's free and there's no obligation

Our stamp of approval. A greater peace of mind.

With your renovation or construction project, it doesn’t pay to take chances with an unknown. Let Reno-Assistance refer you to one of our experts with our coveted 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval — your peace of mind that our dedicated verification team has done a complete 360 of their credentials and track record. And you can take our word for it — literally. Everything we can share as we verify our 360° Verified Contractors is written in our 360° Verification Report, the only one of its kind in the industry. Bottom line? Only the best get our stamp of approval — and only the best get referred to you.

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