A rental or condo building’s common areas often carry as much weight as the private living space does when deciding where to rent or buy. In apartment buildings, common areas such as laundry rooms, pool areas, underground garages, elevators and gardens can make or break the decision to choose your building. Dingy elevators, dark garages and dirty laundry rooms will deter apartment building quality renters and condo prospective buyers while lovely common areas will engage them – if they can see themselves enjoying the pool or landscaped gardens then they already have one foot in the door. Beautiful common areas will increase the value of your condo building, providing a return on investment and an edge if and when members decide to sell.

Common areas for seniors

Retirement residences are the newest rental properties that are springing up across North America. The baby boomers are retiring in great numbers and retirement residences are being built with beautiful common areas such as libraries, movie theatres, bowling alleys, mini golf courses and more. It is spaces like these that really sell the idea of living there because the rent includes it all:

  • private apartment
  • 3 meals per day in the dining room
  • use of all the common rooms
  • activities and entertainment

Renovate wisely

When deciding where and how much to renovate, it’s best to work with a professional interior designer or architect to determine the extent of the renovation and estimate the costs. Often they will have great solutions that don’t cost a fortune, but make it look like you did. Once you have a plan it’s time to call us.

Find professional contractors

Réno-Assistance is a renovation advice and contractor referral service that is free of charge for our customers. Our Renovation Advisor reviews your plan with you to understand your needs, then sends you up to 3 contractors that are perfect for your project. We evaluate the PerfectMatch Quotes with you and help you choose the contractor that suits you best. There is no fee because our contractor network pays us for the referral service that we provide.

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