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Condo and apartment windows

For a change of windows on the first or the tenth floor, you need contractors with expertise in condo doors and windows who will know how to look after your project and ensure its success. In addition, you certainly want them to provide you with a flawless installation of high-quality products that you can enjoy long-term and will save you on energy costs!

What are the reasons to change your windows?

A change of condo windows may be necessary due to several factors.

  • Infiltration of water, causing damage
  • Blurred windows or windows containing moisture between glass panes
  • Damaged windows
  • Badly insulated windows
  • Loss of temperature
  • Aesthetics

PVC, aluminium, hybrid or wooden windows?

When changing condo windows and patio doors, you need to make a choice between some common materials for the frames of your windows. You'll find among others the most common styles that are PVC, aluminium, hybrid model and wood. Which one would be most suitable for your needs? This is the question our experts could help you determine the answer to.

PVC windows

A material that has good insulation and is especially affordable. It's a winning solution for a solid price/quality ratio. It's possible to find these types of windows in several forms that can tie in well with the curves of your condo's facade.

Aluminum windows

For a formula with very little maintenance required, you can never go wrong with aluminium. It's a very resistant material, with a beautiful finish and is available in several colours. Its cost is slightly higher than that of PVC.

Hybrid windows

The advantage of hybrid windows is that you can attain the benefits of more than one type of window for outdoors and indoors. For example, you could adopt a classic style of wood in the interior of your apartment and have the advantages of weathering PVC and aluminium on the exterior.

Wooden windows

This style is more common in houses with an authentic and rustic character. It's rare to see windows with entirely wooden frames for condo buildings.

Patio door

Several styles of patio doors are available for your apartment block or for your condo. From PVC to aluminium and wood, so many designs and styles are at your fingertips. Moreover, the style of the opening is not restricted to the conventional sliding one. You always have the front opening which is more up-to-date and becoming more and more common in Quebec. In short, a multitude of options are available to you.

Tax credits for any responsible eco-change

Did you know that your windows can be a source of air infiltration over time due to the state of their insulation? So you may be spending dozens or even hundreds of extra dollars every year since your heating and air conditioning appliances have to work harder to combat the outside air and maintain your set indoor temperature. Extra heating or cooling leads to excess energy consumption, which can, in turn, negatively impact the environment, so the Canadian government is working to encourage you to opt for new, energy-efficient windows that offer better insulation and save you energy and money.

Currently, the Reno-Vert program is in place until March 31st, 2018 and allows you to claim a 20% tax return on your expenses exceeding the first $2,500 on your window replacement. It's a worthwhile program that saves you valuable dollars in the end!

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Choosing quality doors and windows for the construction or renovation of your condo or apartment building helps protect it while mitigating the need for repairs in the future. When properly installed, quality doors and windows prevent moisture from infiltrating and heat or cold from penetrating or escaping. This improves the comfort of tenants and condo owners.

The choice of materials for your new doors and windows is a decision that depends on the style of your building, your budget and the maintenance that you are ready to devote to it. One of our Renovation Advisors will help you find the door and window contractor that best suits your project. You simply need to discuss with us your requirements and we will refer up to three contractors to bid on your project so you can make sure you get the right price. Your advisor will also review each estimate with you to answer any questions you may have and help you make a final decision. All contractors we refer are professionals in doors and windows and have attained our 360° Verified seal of approval.

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