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Exterior siding for your condo or apartment building

Whether you need to change the exterior siding of your condo or apartment buildings or repair any damage to them, this is a project that may have a huge impact on your property's appearance and value. To make sure that every stage of your project is a success, we will refer you to the best siding contractors in your area and be your guide every step of the way.

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Make sure your exterior siding project is a success from the start

Repairing or replacing exterior siding directly makes sure that your condo, apartment or multi-dwelling buildings will stand the test of time, so it's not a project you want to postpone. When it comes to cladding, time is, in fact, of the essence.

If you need the expertise of a siding contractor that specializes in exterior siding installation, before there's even greater damage to the internal membrane and structure of your property, move forward promptly to prevent unnecessary costs down the road.

This is where Reno-Assistance comes in. We have identified the top exterior siding contractors in your neighbourhood for your project, so you don't need to spend another second searching for these experts on your own. With our assistance, you have everything you need to make your cladding renovation a success.

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Choosing the right siding for your property can be painless…with the right people behind you

Since there are countless siding solutions available to you, choosing the best option can be daunting, particularly if aesthetics and budget are priorities for you. The right siding contractor can help you choose the exterior siding that best protects the thermal envelope of your property — and install it properly, so you get to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Each condo, apartment or multi-dwelling building siding solution has its advantages. Below is a glance at the different types of exterior siding material… and their distinctive advantages. Your siding contractor can help you choose the best from these cladding options:

Exterior Siding Solution




Vinyl siding


- No maintenance (for decades)

- Weather resistant

- Resilient against termites and mold

- Wide variety of sizes, colours and thicknesses

- One of the least expensive siding solutions

Aluminum siding


- Weather resistant

- 100% waterproof (so it offers exceptional protection against moisture)

- Wide choice of colours

- Horizontal and vertical formats available

- Excellent insulating properties

- Recyclable

- Insect-proof

Wood fiber siding


- Imitation of wood

- Significantly less expensive than wood

- Resistant to heat, wind and other potentially damaging outdoor conditions

Wood siding


- Most environmentally friendly material (starting with the production stage)

- Many colours, styles and strength levels to choose from.

- Very appealing aesthetically (so it may boost the curb appeal of your building)

Fibre cement siding


- Extremely resistant to mold, pests and high winds

- Easy to install

- Little maintenance

Brick siding


- Aesthetically very appealing (so it may add to your property's value and elegance)

- Strong resistance to weather

- Exceptional firewall performance

- Impressive lifespan (up to 100 years or more)

- Minimal maintenance

Natural stone siding


- Solid durability (can last a lifetime)

- An authentic color palette (unrivaled by other siding material)

- Aesthetically appealing (it will bring out your property's inherent beauty)

Acrylic siding


- Very durable

- Low maintenance

- Decent insulation (with multiple coats)

- Texture lasts extremely long

- Resistant to fire and insects

- Many colours to choose from (plus colours last quite long)

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Let our renovation advisors find the right siding contractor for you at the right price (for free)

When you choose to work with Reno-Assistance, one of our expert Renovation Advisors will help you make only informed renovation decisions throughout your project. Here's how:

  • Your renovation advisor will assess your project with you andrefer you up to three of our 360° Verified exterior siding contractors to quote on your job.
  • Your renovation advisor will analyze the three contractor quotes with you, helping you choose the most suitable professional for your project and budget.
  • Your renovation advisor will respond to any question you may have during and after your project and guide you in the right direction.

Our renovation advisors have the kind of the experience that can only come from working on thousands of projects, so they can help you plan your project from start to finish, guiding you step by step. Ultimately, they will make sure that your project gets started on the right foot. And the best news? This special service is 100% free with no strings attached.

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Up to 3 external coating specialist competing for your project

With Reno-Assistance, you will have access to the most reputable exterior cladding specialist who will compete to offer you the best solution. Your advisor will take care of identify those best suited to your requirements and referring you those contractors who are 360° Verified. Our verification aims to minimize the risk of hiring an unqualified or dishonest contractor who may not have the appropriate licenses, insurance or skills to complete your job to the standard you want, on time and on budget.

Successful renovations start here!

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Let me help you with your siding renovation project

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