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Masonry of buildings, apartments and condos

Exposed brick buildings are very common to see throughout Ontario and Quebec since brick is such a durable and reliable material. A brick lining can have a lifespan of more than 100 years, if and only if it's properly maintained!

What types of masonry work is common for apartments and condos?

Several jobs can and should be done to keep your bricks in good condition and thus retain the value of your building over time. Here is a list of recurring problems that can occur in apartments, condos/condominiums constructed from bricks:

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Correcting swelling of the bricks from moisture

Over time, bricks can gather a lot of moisture and begin to expand, causing rows of bricks to push outwards along with the mortar. This is a problem that is not uncommon to see, however, it needs to be taken seriously and corrected before it gets worse. A mason will solidify your structure by removing the affected brick and restructuring the row or rows affected by the swelling. They will also be able to check behind the brick for any anomaly that could have created the problem at the base (e.g. if there has been infiltration of water or excessive moisture). If necessary they will install a weep hole at the bottom of the rows of bricks to facilitate the circulation of moisture and prevent future swelling so the problem doesn't reoccur.

Brick Repointing - Mortar Repair

It's also very common to see the brick joints wear out over time and need to be redone to ensure that the bricks block water and moisture tightly. If it is not done, water can infiltrate between your bricks and into your house and create an array of problems that could go as far as forcing you to redo your entire facade. It is therefore very important to prevent that from occurring in this case. It's advisable to visually check your brick pointing at least once a season.

It should be noted that if some sections are worn and due for a repointing, it's likely that the rest of the wall will follow in-suit in the months or years to follow. It's therefore recommended to repoint the entire section to ensure the longevity of your condo building, your apartment or your condominium.

Replacement of bricks

Are some of your bricks damaged, partially crumpled or just broken? Don't wait for the water to seep behind them, act now to protect your building and maintain its integrity. It is possible for masonry contractors to replace certain bricks of your building without having to redo the entire facade and thus save you from the heavy workload and costlier project.

Replacement of brick facade

Whether for aesthetic purposes or for the purpose of preserving your building, it's necessary to obtain quotes from experts as this is a large-scale project that needs to be done correctly. We have the specialized contractors who can take on this type of work, from new construction to brick facade restoration!

Changing Lights and Lintels

For your concrete supports under or above your windows (lintels), you will need an expert mason who will be able to repair or replace this either for aesthetic purposes or for structural purposes if the material is broken or damaged. These are important elements that support the brick.

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Restoring your masonry improves the appearance and value of your building

So in summary, if you own a rental building or a brick or stone condo, your needs for masonry renovation could include:

  • Repointing of bricks with mortar.
  • Replacement of crumbled bricks.
  • Repair mortar of stone walls.
  • The construction or repair of retaining walls (foundation in rubble)
  • Correction of existing problems, such as bulging brick walls
  • If you have a project to build a condominium or rental building, a brick or stone exterior will add value to your property. The integrity and earthy colours of these natural or industrialized materials appeal to a wide audience, making your building more attractive to tenants and prospective buyers.
  • If the exterior walls of your building are unsafe, loose masonry elements can fall off and cause damage to an adjacent property or cause injury to people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

building brick

Rest your building on the foundations of a successful masonry project

The renovation of old building brick cladding requires the expertise of a certified masonry contractor specializing in the repair and restoration of brick or stone exteriors. A masonry contractor will be able to identify the damage due to age, weather or moisture and restore your brick or stone exterior.

The skills of a mason are even more appreciated when it comes to repairing problems in the brick or stone exteriors of old buildings. Mortar sprawl, water infiltration, improper work, all of which can lead to problems that only a certified and experienced masonry contractor can remedy.

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