Fixing the masonry on your older buildings increases curb appeal and property value —it also can prevent accidents

If you own an older apartment or condo building, your masonry renovation requirements might include:

  • Repointing bricks with mortar
  • Replacing crumbling bricks
  • Repairing mortar in stone walls
  • Building or repairing retaining walls
  • Repairing problem areas like bulging brick walls, cripple walls or high moisture areas

If you’re building a new condo building or rental property, brick and stone exteriors add value to your property. The integrity and earthy colours of these natural, and now manmade, materials appeal to a wide audience, making your property more attractive to prospective tenants and buyers.

If your building’s exterior walls are not up to code, loose masonry may fall and cause damage to nearby property, or even injury and possibly death to pedestrians. As dramatic as it sounds, it happened before.

Finding the right brick and stonework renovation experts casts the success of your renovations in stone

Renovating older masonry clad buildings requires the expertise of a certified masonry contractor, who specializes in repairing and restoring brick and stonework. A skilled masonry contractor will identify damage caused by age, weather and water and restore your brick or stonework.

A mason’s skill is even more appreciated when fixing brick and stonework problems in older buildings. Crumbling mortar, water infiltration, shoddy workmanship all cause problems that only a certified and experienced masonry contractor can fix.

In either case, finding the right brick and stonework renovation experts is paramount. That’s where Reno-Assistance can help you.

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