Get all the benefits of becoming a Reno-Assistance 360° Verified Contractor

Here are some benefits of joining us to grow your business:

RA_contractors_01No subscription or annual fees — No long-term commitment.

Get clients through FREE advertising (we do it for you).

Get clients through FREE home improvement expos (we go for you).

Get prequalified renovation clients from us (avoid wasting time).



Build a solid reputation (by respecting our Code of Ethics).

Shorten your sales cycle (since our supplier approval process reassures potential clients from the start).

Improve your business through our systematic surveys.

Increase the likelihood of clients referring you and working with you in the future.


Contractor Partner Requirements

Our suppliers must:

  • Hold a valid licence if your specialty requires it.
  • Satisfy our solvency inquiry.
  • Hold valid civil liability insurance.
  • Have a valid registered company up to date.
  • Be exempt of unresolved complaints with the Consumer Protection Bureau.
  • Have a clean judicial profile or have a very high volume of business.
  • Supply client references.

Here’s how we build up your business…

Our difference: we have actual people who do everything possible to understand the needs of both customers and contractors like you to make the PerfectMatch™ and offer real support throughout every project.

  1. Our Renovation Advisors work with customers to help refine their renovation ideas and find the “PerfectMatch” — perfect contractor — for their project.
  2. When we determine your business can be the PerfectMatch™ for a project, we will invite you to quote on it – you will always be free to accept the invitation or not
  3. When you accept a project, we will become your “secretary” and book an appointment for you that fits your schedule and the schedule of the customer.
  4. We will help the customer understand your quote and let you know if you’ve won the project!

Become a Reno-Assistance partner today!

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