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One of the first questions that comes to mind when yo consider renovating your home is: how much will this renovation cost? This question may seem simple, but the answer can be much more complex than anticipated. Several parameters, such as the surface area of ​​the house, the level of quality desired, the work to be done and the materials used must be taken into account.

You will find here numerous articles including cost tables for several types of renovations to help you plan your budget. You will also find tips and tricks to renovate at lower costs and mistakes to avoid. It is also important to choose your contractor carefully so you don’t get caught out.

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Mélissa Thibeault

by Melissa Thibeault Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Bathroom Renovation Cost in 2018 | Toronto & Montreal

Bathroom renovation projects entail a number of different pieces that need to be taken into consideration, including the gut-out, design, plumbing, electrical work, fixtures, tiling, cabinetry, painting and potential structural work. …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

Kitchen Cabinets: The Most Popular Materials and their Prices

When it comes time to redo your kitchen, there are many decisions you need to make including all the different kinds of materials for your cabinets. Each of these cabinet choices …

Andrew Collins

by Andrew Collins 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

Sunroom Addition Cost | Toronto & Montreal

What to Know Before Adding a Sunroom. A visually transparent home extension connects you with the outdoors while offering some protection from the sometimes-unforgiving Canadian climate. A sunroom, also …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

Cost of Adding a Second Story | Toronto & Montreal

In the wake of overvaluation in the Toronto property market, current homeowners are becoming more inclined to consider renovating their homes in lieu of purchasing elsewhere to meet their changing needs. …

Caroline Brault

by Caroline Brault Assistant Director – 360° Verification | Reno-Assistance

Best Countertop Materials for your Kitchen

When renovating the most functional rooms in your home, such as your kitchen or bathroom, decisions need to be made carefully when it comes to the elements that will be heavily …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

What does a kitchen renovation cost? Toronto vs. Montreal

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost. A new kitchen is a major investment and a room that gets a ton of use …

Andrew Collins

by Andrew Collins 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

Cost to Demo a Bathroom in Greater Toronto & Montreal

There are many different levels of bathroom renovations that you can undertake – you may only be looking to re-tile the floor and shower or to just change the outdated fixture. …

Suzanne Surette

by Suzanne Surette Renovation Advisor | Reno-Assistance

What does a Basement Renovation Cost? Toronto & Montreal

The typical cost of a basement renovation tends to range between $35-$40 per square foot but your expenditure can vary depending on your requirements. Learn about the different expenses that you …

Charles Gosselin

by Charles Gosselin Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Home Addition Cost: Toronto vs. Montreal

A home addition project is not to be taken lightly and may be the best decision you make for your home. There are several factors to consider when contemplating where an …