Finding the Right Deck Builder in Toronto and Montreal

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Throughout the year, many of us naturally turn to the outdoors for entertaining, and this inevitably creates a very high demand for decks, balconies, patios, and other outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, not every deck builder is equal and choosing one can sometimes be a stressful experience.

If you are planning to add a deck to your property, you must consider hiring the right deck builders. You will find so many companies that offer services for this type of project and it can be confusing to choose one at times. RenoAssistance has partnered with deck builders across Toronto and Montreal who have attained our prestigious seal of approval. For a quote with no fees, give us a call on 1-888-670-9742 or submit your project online.

Where to start?

You want to make sure that your new outdoor area will truly add beauty and value to your home, and above all, have a structure that will stand the test of time.

A deck builder can make sure that any outdoor additions you plan to add to your home are safe, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps more important than any of these features, however, is the fact that they will be able to offer you many different options when it comes to style.

Decks can add value, style and functionality to any home or space. They can also help make the living and entertaining area larger and more appealing, as well as help beautify and add functionality to outdoor areas.

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Because anyone who wants to build a deck on their home wants the result to be as appealing and functionally sound as possible, hiring a professional deck builder to complete the job can be a smart move. A professional contractor or construction expert will be able to devise the best possible plan for building up your outdoor space within the confines of your available budget. While a deck builder will be able to tell you what they may recommend given the area and money you have available, they will also likely be able to give you several options when it comes to the type of structure you may be able to have built.

Depending on various circumstances, there are different types and styles of decks available to be built onto a home. Speaking with a construction professional will help you shed some light not only on which of these may be compatible with your wants and needs, but also which will be most functionally sound in your space.

Choosing a structure

The most common types of decks are platforms and lofts. They are both typically square or rectangle shaped and built either attached or adjacent to an existing home. They often serve as a transition area from an inside space to a yard or other outside area and feature a floor along with railings or handrails in some cases.

The difference between a platform and a loft is the fact that a loft is raised above the ground, sometimes to as high as the height of a second or third floor of a house. These lofts almost always feature a handrail or railing all the way around for safety reasons and may feature stairs travelling down to ground level as well.

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In getting into more elaborate models, a deck builder can also build what is often known as privacy decks, which feature walls made of wood, brick, stone, simple screens or other materials. These have many of the same features as other types but add privacy from neighbours and from the elements.

A deck builder can also build wraparound decks, which are like the other types but can span the entire side of a home or structure and “turn the corner” to continue onto another perpendicular side. These models allow for even greater living and entertaining space while maximizing the use of outdoor areas.

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Helpful tips on how to find the right contractor to build your deck

Credibility – Your contractor should have all the necessary licences, relevant qualifications, and insurance.

Experience – The work of an experienced builder should be incredibly polished. They should always know what needs to be completed and how.

Clean and Careful – Your builder must work carefully without damaging any part of your property. They must be able to leave your place clean once they are done with their construction. All these factors should be expected when dealing with a professional.

Proof of Success – Hire a contractor that has made previous clients happy with their work. Check their portfolio if they have one.

Quality of Workmanship – Make sure that your contractor can make your place sleek. Every cut has to be clean and every angle has to smooth.

Speed – Before hiring one, ask them how long it will take to complete the job. Make sure that they can finish everything according to what they have promised.

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The Homeowner’s Part

You can solely decide the design of your deck. It will be constructed according to your purpose of having one. You can view pictures of deck designs on the internet to be inspired by one of them. You can read home magazines or ask your professional builder what he can suggest.

If you have a theme for your extended living place, shopping for materials will be a lot easier and faster as well. Purchase your materials from credible suppliers so that you can be sure of quality and durability. This will help you avoid repairs and replacements later on.

What You Should Keep In Mind:

  • Buy materials not just according to your budget but according to their quality. Cheap materials won’t last as well and can end up costing you more in repairs.
  • Prioritize safety in the project.
  • Never ignore what is underneath the structure. The level of safety and security of your structure is under it.
  • When you plan your design, think of the activities that you will be having using it for.
  • Request a quote before a contractor begins the work.
  • Do not try and do things on your own if you do not have the expertise and you do not exactly know what you are doing.

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Deck planning and construction are not particularly difficult in relation to other home renovation projects. But safety for these projects is a must. With the many deck builders in the industry, you’ll still have to ensure that the one you hire has the right skills. They must have the required knowledge on how to work to the safety standards. They must have ample experience in building not only a durable but well-crafted home deck.

Finding a reputable deck builder

As we discussed in a past article, there are so many ways you can locate a deck builder. But being sure they are the trustworthy and reliability is a struggle in itself. If you opt to hire a particular contractor, ask to see their licence if applicable (e.g. the city of Toronto requires a Building Renovators Licence for general contractors) and ask to see their liability insurance. This will serve as both your protection and protection for the contractor in the event something goes wrong and damage is caused. It’s also useful as identification for the contracting company.

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It’s good to know how many quality decks they have constructed previously in your area, and how they are standing the test of time. These questions can be answered by speaking to past customer references.

You also need to ensure that they know everything with regards to constructing a deck. This includes whether or not you require a permit to build on your property. Some other key points they should be aware of include gas/water lines, electrical wiring, and sewer and drain connections. Acknowledging these potential obstructions is crucial in constructing a durable and long-term home deck. So they should have adequate knowledge of these important factors.

Other things to look for

Good deck builders usually have clean and complete tools. A deck builder that is true to his craft is almost always cleaning and maintaining his tools and equipment. They do so because they don’t want any bad happenings or annoying circumstances to occur during their construction. The builders never want to be interrupted with a missing tooth on a saw or a blade-less cutter. They also never bring unsharpened saws and blades so as to ensure that the job will perfectly progress as planned.

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RenoAssistance has made finding the right contractor easy

Fortunately, RenoAssistance has done the hard work for you! We built a network of local deck builders and general contractors who have met our strict criteria and attained our Verified seal of approval. We have conducted checks on past work, licences, qualifications, financial stability, insurance, and more. A Renovation Advisor will speak with you to fully understand your requirements. They will refer up to three verified contractors to meet with you and provide competing quotes on your project.

The best thing is, RenoAssistance’s service is with no fees for you! There’s no obligation to hire any of the contractors we refer. However, we think you’ll be more than impressed!

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