Building A Rooftop Urban Patio to Make the Most of Summer


What could be better than enjoying your summer with a magnificent rooftop patio? In urban areas, backyards are often transformed into parking spaces, or used for home extensions. More and more owners are turning their flat roofs into rooftop terraces. Having such an installation is also a major advantage for landlords who would like to differentiate themselves on the market. Discover the 7 elements to consider for a perfect urban rooftop patio!

1. Practical areas

The first step is to design spaces to sit and enjoy your new terrace. If you plan to work or eat there, be sure to have sufficient space for a table. You can also integrate wooden benches that will serve as storage. For small patios, consider a table set that can fold and store away easily. To avoid many trips indoors, an outdoor kitchen area can be a practical use of space.

Seating and dining space

2. Rooftop horticulture

An urban rooftop patio would not be complete without greenery! Provide dedicated spaces to add some plants or flowers. You can have boxes integrated into the covering, made of the same materials as the flooring. These will most likely cost less than buying ready-made planters. You can even add an apiary on the roof for honey bees! Contrary to popular belief, honey bees do not sting. You can produce your own honey while helping to save this species that is so important to our ecological systems.

Rooftop horticulture

3. An urban vegetable garden on your rooftop terrace

With the rise in popularity of organic food, more and more urban rooftop gardens are developing. Installing one on your own patio is a wonderful way to limit your food spending and take a small step towards food self-sufficiency. Consider a vertical design to help save space on a small footprint.

Rooftop terrace garden

4. An urban rooftop patio with shaded spaces

For those who may be sensitive to prolonged sun exposure, provide a corner of shade with an umbrella or a fixed structure. A fixed structure is a better solution if your terrace is often exposed to high winds. You can also put a fixed openwork structure and install fabric between the slats, for the choice of shade or direct sunlight.

Shaded space

5. Adequate lighting for your patio

It is good to have a terrace during the day, but it is even better to be able to enjoy it at any time! Adding light to the floor is a safe way to provide lighting. Wall-mounted lighting is also a good choice for a patio with several levels. As for a warm ambiance, consider string twinkle lights or exposed bulbs strung overhead.


6. A rooftop home theatre, because why not?

One idea that is certainly out of the ordinary is to install a home theater on your roof! It can be transformed into the perfect place to watch a movie. Plan space to put a blank screen, buy a projector and you’re off to the races!

Home theater

7. A patio with spa-like relaxation

Do you want your terrace to be your relaxation oasis? Consider installing a pool or even a hot tub! Add a hammock nearby and create a relaxation area that all the neighbors will envy. You can even add a sauna. Nowadays, there are many mobile versions. To combat the summer heat, you can even build an outdoor shower.

Spa-like rooftop

Is it possible to convert my flat roof into an urban rooftop patio?

Before thinking of transforming your roof into a terrace, make sure that the structure of the building is strong enough to support it. You also need to make sure that this is allowed in your neighborhood or borough. If you live in Montreal or Toronto, a permit is required and certain restrictions apply. If you live in a co-op, you must first have the project approved by the other owners. To find out more about the technical aspect and the costs of fitting out a rooftop patio, consult our page on this subject: Rooftop Deck – Green Roof.

Find the best General Contractor for your rooftop patio project

Transforming your roof into an urban patio requires the knowledge of an experienced Contractor for this type of project. Aside from the permits and the regulations specific to your neighborhood, your Contractor must make sure to level the patio, ensure that there is good drainage, even weight distribution, and much more. One of our Renovation Advisors will be happy to find up to three 360° Verified Contractors to quote on your project. Call us or fill out a form and we will be in touch!