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Whether it be for asbestos removal, to learn what to do when there’s mold, or any other contaminant related issue, decontaminating your space is a thorough project you need to go through to live in a healthy environment. Although your overall health depends on having a healthy environment, you should still take a few hours to get informed before hiring just any company to get work done. Don’t get conned into thinking you need a fairly pricey service when it isn’t necessary. The best decontamination experts will know what needs to get done and will guide you appropriately. 

Working with our specialized contractors, we put together articles to help you make some informed decisions when it comes to decontaminating your home. 

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Our Renovation Advisors are well equipped to answer questions you may have & will be able to refer you to top 360° verified decontamination contractors if need be. They’ll put up to 3 contractors head to head to bid on your project to ensure you get the best possible price. 

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Sylvain Lauzon

by Sylvain Lauzon Writer

Vermiculite: Should I get rid of it?

There are some things no one wants in their home. In recent decades, there has been increasing awareness of the dangers posed by materials such as asbestos, which can contribute to lung disease, and carcinogenic urea formaldehyde foam insulation. The lesser-known vermiculite is one such material that homeowners should avoid.  Since vermiculite is …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Basement Waterproofing: 11 Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Whether you use your basement for storage, living, or anything else, keeping your belongings safe is a consideration for any homeowner. Basements are unfortunately prone to flooding and moisture problems since …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Should You Take On A Mold Remediation Yourself?

Mold is a problem that no homeowner wants to have. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including basement humidity and water infiltration. It’s a significant issue to treat …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Crawl Space Humidity: Preventing & Eliminating It

Let’s get one thing straight: crawl spaces are not the greatest of mankind’s inventions; they shouldn’t exist anymore. The space is both uninviting and wet, and, can leave you with a ton …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

How to Protect Your House from Iron Ochre

Iron ochre: What impact does it have on your home? What is iron ocher? How does it impact your home? We’re here to answer your questions! While you might be …

Marilena Tricarico

by Marilena Tricarico Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Basement Humidity: Why It Happens and What to Do

How do you know if you have a problem with humidity in your basement? Touch, look and smell. Feeling or smelling moisture when going down to the basement or seeing some …

Charles Gosselin

by Charles Gosselin Content Manager | RenoAssistance

Asbestos Removal: Protecting Your Health

Learning that your home or building is infested with asbestos is a hard pill to swallow. The costs associated to its removal are unknown, making it difficult to deal with. It …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Water Infiltration: Preventing Your Home from Damages

Whether water is infiltrating into your home through cracks in your foundation, your basement’s floor, the roof, your house’s siding, or even through the windows, it’s crucial to act quickly. Water …