Our Advisor. Your Personal Assistant.

Our Advisors know the right questions to ask to help you plan your renovation project. They also know how to interpret every proposal so you can choose the right Verified Contractor for you at a fair price. Like a good friend, they are available to support you every step of the way – they want you to have a positive renovation experience!


Why you need a Renovation Advisor

personalized support
scheduling appointments
comparing quotes

Your Project. Our Journey.

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Minimizing homeowners’ risks by referring them to qualified contractors

The most complete audit process in the industry. Each Verification Report includes the contractor’s Contractor Confidence Index score, reliability index score, strengths according to our clients’ reviews, liability insurance, licenses, and judicial records. We go over every contractor with a fine-tooth comb!


I’m here to help you

Our advisors will help you find the best contractor in your field.