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Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes
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Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes
Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes

Experts at your service

Our Renovation Advisors know just what questions to ask to help you plan your renovation project. They also know how to pick the right qualified contractors to quote on your project for a fair price. They're essentially there for you to get the most of your renovation: qualified contractors & the best price out there.

It's like you're part of the family!

RenoAssistance's Advisors are passionate about helping you out and ensuring you live the best renovation experience possible. Just like if you were family, they'll share what they've gone through to help you save time and energy, and help you avoid any mishaps throughout the entire process!

If there are any misunderstandings with the chosen contractor, our Advisors will have your back. They'll stick by your side the whole time.

Why you need a Renovation Advisor

The provide personalized support every step of the way - from planning out your renovation to the final product

To get a rough idea of what kind of budget you'll need before moving forward

To get access to a database of qualified professionals - architects, engineers, designers & contractors

They coordinate contractor meetings for you according to your availability - so you can save time!

They help you compare quotes - because the lowest price isn't always the best price

It's so much easier with a Renovation Advisor

We've always gone above and beyond to satisfy our clients. When getting in touch with us, you're sure to have get a dedicated Renovation Advisor assigned to your project. They'll take the time needed to discuss your needs and what options are available to you.

You'll get up to three 360° Verified Contractors to quote on your project. Your Renovation Advisor will be there help you compare the quotes you receive so you can pick the right contractor according to your needs, your project, and your budget.

Our Advisors have thousands of successful renovations under their belt

Our Advisors have worked on thousands of projects, making them highly qualified to provide you with their assistance. They've saved our clients time and money by helping them avoid costly mistakes and possible mishaps. Moreover, our service is at no cost, no obligation. You literally have nothing to lose!

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