A no-cost Renovation Guarantee, for even more peace of mind

We know that renovations can be time-consuming and stressful. To provide an extra sense of security, we offer a no-cost Renovation Guarantee to any customer that hires one of our Verified Contractors for their renovation project. Read the terms and conditions below to learn more!


What is covered?

Deposit Reimbursement

Up to 25% of the contract value (max: $25,000)
Renovation Completion

Up to 25% of the contract value (max: $25,000)
Apparent Defect Repairs

Up to 10 days after the work has been completed (max: $10,000)
Latent Defect Repairs

Up to one year after the work has been completed (max: $10,000)

Notre vision

Assurer une rénovation réussie à chaque fois!
Notre compagnie a été fondée sur le principe de sauver les propriétaires de maison et d’entreprise des mauvaises expériences en rénovation. Notre mission est de vous fournir un Entrepreneur Vérifié fiable, un Conseiller expérimenté et une rénovation réussie.

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Une protection supplémentaire

The Renovation Guarantee is an additional, no-cost coverage available any customer who chooses to hire a Verified Contractor from RenoAssistance to carry out their renovation or construction project (subject to certain conditions). As this is not an “all risks” guarantee or an “automatic” guarantee, there are steps to follow to benefit from it, so it is important to read the terms of the guarantee below.

3 Easy Steps

Before renovation

Hire one of our Verified Contractors and you’ll be pre-approved for our deposit guarantee! Just send us proof of payment within 48 hours and we’ll send you a certificate.

During renovation

Once your project has been approved, we’ll send you certificates for our project completion and apparent defect guarantees.

After renovation

Once the renovation has been completed, send a copy of your final contract, including all extras, and we’ll send you an updated guarantee certificate that reflects the new project value.

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This warranty is offered in Quebec and does not apply to commercial projects or to projects for repair and maintenance work.

To receive an amount under the Renovation Guarantee, the client must go through the RBQ’s claim process and receive a judgement in their favour as well as the amount owed to them. RenoAssistance will then cover the difference between the amount insured and the amount received from the licence security.

Subject to the above conditions, the Guarantee is applicable to any project submitted after March 11, 2020. In the event that a client is denied recourse by the RBQ because the contractor did not have valid licence security, RenoAssistance will honour the Guarantee. If the client’s claim cites poor workmanship or latent defects, an independent building expert will be selected to evaluate the work. If the expert agrees with the client, then the client will be either compensated or the work will be corrected, subject to the limits of the Guarantee.
What is your project?

No Fees. No Obligation.