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Reno Blog - French Drain

If you’ve noticed water infiltration in your home, it is likely due to your French drain (commonly called a weeping tile). It might even be because your home simply doesn’t have one! A French drain is essentially a large pipe installed by your home’s (or building’s) foundation with the sole purpose of collecting excess water that’s accumulated on your land &, in turn, avoiding water damage. 

If you need to get one installed or get yours replaced, you’ll find all the information you need about French drains in these articles. 

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Francis Guertin

by Francis Guertin Renovation Advisor| Reno-Assistance

How much does it cost to replace a French drain?

A French drain keeps your foundation dry by evacuating water that accumulates around your home. Its lifespan varies, as does its installation or replacement cost, due to several factors. We’ve put together …