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Reno Blog / Drains Français / French Drain Problems | Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Get Yours Replaced
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French Drain Problems | Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Get Yours Replaced

French Drain

The best time to get your French drain replaced is when the snow begins to melt. It’s therefore important to know just how to detect French drain problems. Taking care of them as soon as signs are showing is sure to avoid you many costly issues that can arise. 

french drain under rocks

What are the symptoms of a French drain problem?

There are plenty of signs to look out for when you decide to check your French drain for issues. If any of the following problems arise, it’s best to get your French drain inspected immediately to prevent further damage. Of course, the symptoms’ severity must be assessed before undertaking major renovations, and the building’s age has to be taken into consideration. Here are some symptoms you should look out for: 

  • Cracks on the walls
  • A significant increase in humidity levels in the basement
  • Water infiltration in the basement
  • Mold on the floor or walls
  • Windows and doors that get stuck
  • The appearance of whitish crystals
  • A slumped or curved floor

french drain membrane

Problem #1: Cracks in the foundation

If you see a crack in the foundation of your home, it is highly likely that it’s because of a French drain problem. The severity of the issue depends on the width of the crack. If it’s about 1cm, you can simply call a professional who will fill in this crack by using an epoxy injection. The cost of getting a small-sized crack fixed is between $250 and $1000 depending on its location. If the crack is rather large, you’re likely to need to replace your foundation.

The cost to fix a French drain problem is much more expensive. It can range from anywhere between $15,500 to $50,000 because it involves more extensive work and might a structural engineer‘s include labour hours. Not doing anything if a French drain problem arises will affect your building’s structural integrity. So, be sure to call a French drain expert

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Problem #2: Noticing a whitish crust on your walls 

It is often difficult to recognize the signs of a faulty drainage system, but the consequences can be so significant that it’s better to act quickly. If you notice a whitish powder or crust appear on your concrete basement walls, or mold on your gypsum walls, it may mean that water has infiltrated into your home. 

The white crust forms because of the combination of minerals present in the concrete and its PH levels. You should get in touch with a qualified contractor as soon as you notice this kind of formation. 

moist in basement

Problem #3: Water infiltration

Water infiltrating a building can have extreme consequences, so acting quickly is essential. In fact, if water infiltrates your basement after heavy rains or when snow melts, there’s a good chance that your French drain is clogged or blocked. In some rare cases, it can be fixed by using a high-pressure washer to remove the blockage. However, it’s much more common to have to repair or change it completely. The faster you act, the more likely you are to reduce the costs and problems.

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