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Reno Blog - Hiring a Contractor

Paul Begin

by Paul Begin VP | RenoAssistance

Who to Hire: A General or Specialized Contractor?

Have a bathroom to remodel? Or are planning on extending your home with a garage addition? Who should you hire? Will a general contractor be best suited or a specialized contractor? …

Eric Perigny

by Eric Perigny Chief Operating Officer | Founder

Choosing a Renovation Contractor: 16 Questions to Ask Before You Settle on “The One”

Are you planning a full kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, a basement remodel or even an entire home addition? Choosing the right contractor for your home renovation project isn’t something you should …

Marilena Tricarico

by Marilena Tricarico Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Renovation Quotes: 5 Essential Things To Look For

How do you find the perfect contractor for your renovation? A good place to start is with the quote. A common misconception is that the quote is just the price of …

Charles Gosselin

by Charles Gosselin Content Manager | RenoAssistance

12 Questions to Ask to Your Renovation Contractor

As you already know, one of the main advantages of working with RenoAssistance is access to our 360° Verified Contractors. Their licences are up to date, they have valid insurance, any …

Paul Begin

by Paul Begin VP | RenoAssistance

Renovation Infographic: Canadian IPSOS Survey Uncovers Toronto’s Woes

A national study conducted by Ipsos, in collaboration with RenoAssistance, reveals the top Canadian cities and regions in which working with contractors for renovations is nightmarish. Toronto holds first place when …

Manuel Lochard

by Manuel Lochard Team Leader – Customer Experience | RenoAssistance

6 Things You Need to Know Before Checking a Contractor’s RBQ Licence

Checking a construction or renovation contractor’s RBQ licence may be in vain if you do not do it at the right time or based on an informed assessment. Informed consumer alert: …

Caroline Brault

by Caroline Brault Assistant Director – 360° Verification | RenoAssistance

Best Kitchen Renovators in Toronto & Montreal

As previously discussed in our article about the advantages of working with a kitchen design expert, in this article we look at the benefits of hiring a specialized kitchen renovator to …

Manuel Lochard

by Manuel Lochard Team Leader – Customer Experience | RenoAssistance

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Renovation Project

Home renovation projects can be very stressful. Your home is a mess, you might have to move out, and you’re constantly paying bills for labour and materials. The best way to …

Suzanne Surette

by Suzanne Surette Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Infographic: Confidence in Renovation Contractors

June 16, 2016  – As the renovation season hits its stride, a new survey shows that more than half of Quebecers polled don’t trust renovation contractors. According to this RenoAssistance survey …