Yes, You Should Pay a Fair Price for Your Renovations!

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Whenever I did renovations in the past, my goal was to get the best possible price. I would get estimates from two or three contractors and then simply choose the cheapest one. More than once I was surprised by the low prices I could find… but I had some unpleasant surprises, too. 

This approach cost me much more than if I had chosen the highest estimate each time (which I don’t recommend either). Why? Because, as the rule goes, you generally get what you pay for. 

Some contractors lured me in with low prices and then disappeared with my deposit. Some botched the job or used poor quality materials, while others closed up shop and abandoned the project. Some charged me extra, claiming that the contract didn’t cover certain essential tasks. And that’s not counting the ones who weren’t around to honour their warranty once problems arose. 

Don’t focus on price alone 

Pay over the market price and you’ll be throwing away your money. But pay a lot less and you’ll end up with work that’s not done to standard, and then you’ll have to start all over again in a couple of years. What initially seemed like a good price will now have cost you double! 

Paying a fair price is important to both you and the company you’re dealing with. For the contractor, it ensures their long-term business viability and means they’ll be able to provide their clients with after-sales service. For you, it means quality work carried out by qualified workers and a project that adheres to the Construction Code. And that means you’ll only have to pay for it once. 

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If an estimate sounds too good to be true, it probably is! But I’m not suggesting you should pay over the market value either. You just need to make sure to check your contractor’s background. That’s why it’s important to get more than one estimate and compare them, so that you can have a good idea of the price you should be paying. A detailed estimate also ensures that you won’t have any surprises at the end of the project and a hefty bill as a parting gift! 

That’s why RenoAssistance offers a service at no fee that ensures you’ll always pay a fair price for your renovations. We have 53-point Verified Contractors ready to quote on your project. You’ll be assured of the quality of the company you’ll be doing business with, and above all, your renovations will be done properly. 

Quality materials, skilled labour, and the time needed to do a job well all come at a cost, but they also add lasting value to your property — as well as your own comfort! 

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To view our contractors’ work as well as the cost of each project, consult the RenoInspiration section of our website. 

Eric Perigny