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Are you looking to get a new home built or looking for a home builder? We've gathered the best ones ! Plus, they're all 360° verified, meaning they've undergone our rigorous verification process. We take a look at their financial solvency & their legal history, make sure their licenses & insurance policies are valid, check out past client references, and more! Our Renovation Advisors can refer the right home builders your way at no cost, no obligation to you. Getting our help will ease the process, can help you save on costs, and will minimize any risks you'd normally face when undergoing such a major renovation or construction project. Thus, you'll be able to focus on the most important part of it all: getting your new home built!

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Home Builders: How Can You Tell a Good from a Bad One?

Building a house is a major project that requires a rather large investment too! Picking a qualified home builder is therefore incredibly important. But, how can you tell the good ones from the bad ones? How will you know you're making the right decision when hiring one?

Besides positively fulfilling the criteria mentioned above, a good contractor will provide pro bono advice thanks to their years of experience right from the get go. They'll also provide you with an honest, fair, and detailed quote. Don't be tempted into accepting quotes that seem quite low compared to the others you receive. An untrustworthy contractor can easily low-ball you and add a lot of extras to your final invoice or, worse, not keep their word. On the other end of the spectrum are dishonest contractors that inflate prices because they're aware your knowledge in home building is limited! Unfortunately, both scenarios are seen quite often in the renovation world. That's why we suggest you meet with more than one home builder before picking "the one". By doing so, you're sure to get a quote at a fair price and work with a trustworthy contractor!

What Does a Home Builder Do?

When undergoing major renovations, like building a new home, you'll need to work with many tradesmen and professionals to ensure everything goes according to plan, like: architects, plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, etc. A home builder's role is similar to one of a general contractor, except they're licensed to build homes from the ground up! They're essentially the project's mastermind; they'll coordinate all the sub-contractors, as well as ensure that each tradesman or contractor working on your home is a qualified licensed professional. Your chosen home builder will be the one responsible for all the work being done.

If you decide to opt for a self-build, you'll be the project's coordinator. You'll therefore be responsible for checking each contractor and tradesman's licenses & qualifications, as well as make sure you're covered by the right insurance policies. Organizing and coordinating a house construction work site is practically a full time job!

What to Ask a Home Builder

We suggest getting 3 contractors to bid on your home building project. This way, you'll be able to get a a better idea of the overall cost, notice who's offering the fairest price, as well as be free to choose the contractor you believe to best suit your needs. Hiring a home builder that you get along with is extremely important! They're likely to be your main point of contact throughout the entire project.

When meeting with potential home builders, you should ask them questions.

10 questions to ask home builders bidding on your project

Here are 10 questions we believe you should ask them to find the right on for the job:

  1. How long will the work take?
  2. How many subcontractors will be involved in the process?
  3. Who will my main contact be during the renovations?
  4. Is debris disposal included in your quote?
  5. Will I need to prepare the construction site ahead of time or will your team be doing that?
  6. Who will be supervising the work getting done?
  7. Is it possible to see some of your past work? Or obtain client references?
  8. What is the payment schedule?
  9. Is landscaping after the build included in your quote?
  10. How long have you been in business with this business name & license number?

Keep in mind that if you meet with our contractors in your area, we've already verified a number of elements, such as: the contractor’s legal existence, their solvency, their judicial records, their license, their liability insurance, etc. However, feel free to ask them questions! Asking questions will only solidify your final decision & allow you to find the best contractor for you.

Finding the Best Home Builder in your area

Finding the right home builder for the job can be challenging. Of course, you can go ahead and ask friends, family, neighbours, etc. for references. However, you'll need to keep in mind that your project might not be exactly the same as the one they got done and you won't know if the contractor is capable of working on your new home. Also, if their renovation project or home construction is fairly recent, it'll be hard to judge whether the contractor did a good job. Botched work only begins to show after a few years.

Getting in touch with us will certainly minimize the risk of any problems occurring during - and after - the project. Plus, hiring a qualified contractor/home builder is crucial for you to benefit from the New Home Warranties Plan. This governmental plan applies to new builds and provides a warranty for certain aspects like delayed deliveries, defective design elements, and more! If you'd like to get a coop or condo building built, we also have the right contractors in your area for the job!

A Renovation Advisor to Guide You

Not sure about where to start? Don't know much about building a house? Not to worry! Our Renovation Advisors have thousands of projects under their belts, so they're qualified to help you get headed in the right direction. They'll be there to rally up to 3 home builders to bid on the project and help you compare the quotes you receive & ensure their pricing is similar to others on the market. Getting help from one of our advisors will help you save time, reduce stress levels, and allow you to concentrate on what matters most: your new home!

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In an industry where less than 1% of people trust their contractors, RenoAssistance has received a great satisfaction rate - proving how valuable such a service can be when it comes to getting renovation work done!
"What great service & fantastic way to save time that would otherwise be used in project management. All we need to do is state our expectations to one person (Mario was our go-to) and they'll go out and find contractors capable of doing the work. Excellent work was done by recommended contractors twice this year! From quality to competitive pricing. Thank you"
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We've got hundreds of 360° Verified Contractors all throughout Ontario and Quebec. Let us help you by gathering up to 3 contractors to compete against one another for your renovation project. We'll make sure to only refer those we feel can meet your needs your wall - all according to your expectations, budget, etc. We have the right home builder for you!

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