8 Gorgeous Vacation Homes You Can Stay At!


Great renovation inspiration can be hard to come by. Most people flip through home and décor magazines to get a better understanding of what they’re looking for. Some might even scour Pinterest to let dreams flow or get inspired by before and after pictures of real RenoAssistance client projects found on Reno-Inspiration.

Another great way to get inspired, though, is to travel the world! Going on vacation, visiting new countries or cities, allows us to discover new design and decor trends. Nowadays, finding great spaces to live in while travelling is as easy as pie. There are tons of rentable homes, rooms, apartments, and the like that can cater to any number of people – whether it be for a family vacation, a couple’s retreat, or even a solo getaway. So, why not go ahead and test out these different kitchens and bathrooms to help you get inspired for your renovation projects?

We’ve taken the liberty to plan out a little getaway for you right here! Discover these wonderful homes with their various architectural structures, their unique interior decors, and their wide range of designs. Some of the proposed houses are brand new constructions, while others are fantastic renovations. Note that these homes aren’t necessarily budget-friendly getaways! Though nothing’s stopping you from renting these abodes with a group of friends, or your family, to turn these vacation homes into actual destinations. Get some great bathroom ideas or even some kitchen renovation ideas by visiting these homes!

1.Californian Design & Architecture

The architecture and style of this Californian home is straight out of the 1950s. This wonderful refined space can accommodate 6 adults comfortably and – although seemingly secluded – it is actually located in the happening city of Palm Springs, allowing its renters to explore the city with ease. The grand bay windows and dug in pool of this house can inspire one to recreate a similar Californian straight-lined and zen design concept.

Modern Oasis starting at $695 per night.

2. One Home, 15 Bathrooms

Do you have an extensive group of friends or an incredibly large family? Well… this striking home – with 15 bathrooms – can easily lodge 40 guests! However, it definitely isn’t its capacity that’s impressive. It’s the villa’s rooftop terrace, pool, private spa, dream kitchen, home theatre, and indoor basketball court that attract guests to stay. Each room is more breathtaking than the last. You can easily find inspiration for private spaces in your home by visiting the villa. You’ll maybe even feel like renovating your bathroom after seeing all the ones this house holds! The choice is yours.

Isolé Villas starting at $4,500 USD per night.

3. Modern Little Kitchen in the Hamptons

This modern home in Sag Harbour, in the Hamptons near New York City, can truly inspire one to make their renovation dreams a reality. Whether it be the highly functional modern little kitchen or using the colour white to bring brightness to your rooms, this house holds many elements that can inspire you to make superb transformations. They’ve also added shelving – as opposed to cabinets – in their kitchen to keep the decor light. How would you renovate your home? What about getting marble kitchen countertops? If this isn’t enough to inspire you, take a look at our kitchen inspiration page!

AirBnB starting at $1,356 per night.

4. LEED Certified Home in Mexico

Exotic getaway, anyone? The décor of this home – that can house up to 12 guests – beautifully combines the ocean’s beauty with the warmth emanating from wood. Built in order to deliver the least amount of energy possible, the house fits in perfectly with its oceanfront surroundings. It was the first ever in Mexico to be LEED certified!

From a traditional wooden house to a modern villa, its architects did not forget a single element. They even discretely added a passive solar system, a rainwater capture system, and LED lights to keep energy usage to a minimum.

Recreate this look by using local wood supplies or use other eco-friendly elements. Give your home the touch of nature you always wanted.

Casa Isla Bajo starting at $2,100 per night.

5. Portuguese Rooftop Terrace

The architecture of this property is quite stunning. The structure also holds multiple decks and balconies, including a wonderful rooftop terrace and an infinity pool!  The overall decor of this vacation home will surely inspire you to make changes at home – like adding pops of colour in rooms that are decorated in mainly neutral and monochromatic tones.

Villa Alegria starting at $1,503 per night.

6. Fully Renovated Toronto Home

Why not experience a staycation? No need to travel far to get away from your everyday life. This luxurious Toronto property is just dreamy. The modern Scandinavian home decor is truly stunning. It includes shiny flooring, a  trendy kitchen immersed in white marble, high ceilings, all you need for a Smart Home – that controls light and sound systems –, Miele household appliances, a steam shower, and three outdoor decks and balconies.

VRBO starting at $1,081 per night.

7. Tiny House in Atlanta Suburbs

Would you be willing to live in a tiny house? Before going ahead with building a small house, it might be good to know whether or not you’d be able to live comfortably in one. A great way to do so is to rent out one of these tiny homes for a little getaway and find out how you would fare. If it turns out that this kind of home isn’t for you, you can always take some notes and make your house’s tighter spaces a little more versatile to maximize space.

AirBnB starting at $109 per night.

8. Impressive Architecture in Turks and Caicos

Located in Providenciales, this home’s architectural structure is quite impressive with its various shapes and elements – reminiscent of French décor but also using elements from nature – that seamlessly integrate with one another. The outdoor architectural lighting is also cleverly thought out, which can inspire one to adopt the same lighting elements for their home.

Amazing Grace starting at $4,950 per night.

Have any of these vacation homes inspired you to confidently start your renovation projects? Before doing so, we suggest you discuss with a skilled architect to see whether your ideas are feasible with your house and work with your allotted budget. You’ll see that there are so many possibilities available to you. We’re definitely thinking of renovating our homes.