Hottest Home Trends for 2021


Who doesn’t want to change things up from time to time? Whether it’s for minor renovations or a complete home makeover, it’s easy to get lost in the vast array of interior and exterior design trends. That’s why, each year, our experts compile a list of the most promising home trends – you can avoid confusion by simply consulting our list! Our choices are bold and timeless, allowing you to create an iconic look that’ll always be in style!

2021 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends for 2021 all focus on returning to natural and artisan styles. Irregular, round, and imperfect shapes will be at the forefront. Biophilic design will help reconnect spaces with nature. And, in every room, decluttering will help us keep only the essentials. Colours and textures will maintain warm decor.

Grandmillenial: More than granny chic!

House trends : Grandmillenial is chic

This trend completely contrasts the cool colours and sleek lines of minimalism. Grandmillenial style (or granny chic) is a throwback to your grandmother’s home decor: floral motifs and cheerful colour palettes that are comfortable and stylish. This home trend is a reprise of 1980s maximalism mixed with eighteenth-century aristocratic aesthetic. To perfectly execute Grandmillenial style, opt for chairs inspired by the Rococo era (upholstered in velvet or patterned fabric, with sculpted feet) and go for solid wood bookshelves and consoles. If you’re feeling bold, you can even add skirts to some pieces of furniture.

Japandi style: Bringing together Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics

House trends : Japandi style

With an increased social conscience comes a sensitivity towards overconsumption – we are moving towards getting rid of excess and only keeping what is necessary. This gave birth to a new style of decor: Japandi. This home trend combines Japanese minimalism and the coziness found in classic Scandinavian decor. Furniture and accessories are chosen for their clean lines and are made from wood, rattan, or other natural materials. The result is a contemporary and minimalist zen style that does not feel plain or uninviting.

To incorporate Japandi style in the kitchen, opt for closed storage or even an entire wall of cabinets. Choose eco-friendly kitchen accessories and say goodbye to those 20 small kitchen gadgets you only use once a year! Your decor will lead you towards a healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Curves everywhere!

House trends : Curvy interiors

If you’ve grown bored of the mid-century modern furniture of the 1950s and 1960s, 2021 interior design trends are making a move towards a more 1970s aesthetic. One of the main characteristics of this era is its use of curves in furniture and architectural design, as well as in fabric and carpet patterns. When doing major living room or kitchen renovations, you may want to add an arched doorway for an elegant European feel. You can also opt for furniture with curved shapes like pod chairs or Togo sofas, which are unique, chic, and sure to impress your guests! For low-budget projects, we recommend painting motifs on the walls, like arches at the head of the bed or above a piece of furniture – it’s a simple way to add a touch of the 1970s curved style!

The omnipresence of matte

House trends : mate textures for surfaces

When it comes to sink fittings and hardware, glossy finishes are being replaced with matte in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Brass, brushed copper, matte black, and even matte white are in for 2021. Simple, sleek lines are on-trend, and curves are more popular than sharp angles. Some companies are even creating collections that bring stone and metal together, such as the Marmo line by Aquabrass.

Simple and subtle handles and faucets allow for a focus on natural stone basins, bathtubs, and sinks. Stone is worked down like marble to produce a matte hammered finish that showcases the artisan’s handiwork. No more glossy finishes and grand opulence!

Embrace warm colours

House trends : warmer colours are in

Current colour trends are inspired by nature in all its forms. Earth tones such as terra cotta, greige, and beige are very popular. Darker colours are also having a moment, with luxurious greens and deep blues. Pale tones bring calm and relaxation to a space, while darker colours create feelings of comfort. Natural textures, such as linen fabrics, stone surfaces, and wicker furniture, are very decorative.

This home trend is not only visual but also evokes certain emotions and can make us relive moments spent in nature.

Industrial style: A sure bet

House trends : timeless industrial style

Ever since it hit the scene in the early 2000s, the industrial style has remained a popular interior design trend. It is easily recognizable with its use of concrete, brick walls, and exposed pipes as decorative elements. Residential buildings that were once factories or commercial spaces already incorporate these details. However, those living in more traditional houses or condos can adopt industrial style by adding certain accessories, such as lamps suspended by their own electrical wires, curtain rods made using metal pipes, and aluminum railings.

The comfort and simplicity of Cottagecore

House trends : cozy Cottagecore

Fundamentally, cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates keeping things simple and being in touch with nature. This trend really developed as a lifestyle on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram when the pandemic forced many people to return to the basics of day-to-day living. To integrate this trend, choose delicate fabrics like lace, decorate spaces with bouquets of dried flowers, and paint walls with pastels like sage green and cream. Cottagecore evokes a cozy vintage-inspired ambience that makes you want to bake your own bread and sip on some relaxing tea with your favourite scented candle nearby.

2021 Exterior Home Trends

For the exterior, yards focused on nature and neutral tones will be on trend. Outdoor furniture will be simple but refined. As the trend of decluttering makes its way outdoors, low-maintenance landscaping and plants will be key.

Textured siding

House trends : textured sidings are trendy

Exterior siding not only protects your house from the elements, but also gives your neighbours and passersby the first impression of your home. The materials you choose will contribute to the feeling of comfort inside as well. This year, wood finishes are still very popular for interior design, so it’s not surprising to see this style on the list of popular exterior sidings! To complete this elegant look, combine your wood-finish sidings black window frames!

Natural pools

House trends : refreshing natural pools

Natural or organic pools are being seen more and more. They use aquatic plants as a filtration system, eliminating the need for chemicals like chlorine. These aquatic plants are in basins around the swimming area, so they are not directly where one swims. Not only are these pools environmentally friendly, they are also far more visually appealing than a traditional round above-ground pool. Already popular in Austria since the 80s, natural swimming pools have been spreading across Europe and are beginning to be seen in Quebec and Ontario thanks to companies such as JardinsAquaDesign, Quiet Nature and Passion Pool & Pond. You can also integrate this natural home trend by adding a simple decorative water basin.

More windows!

House trends : windows everywhere

The windows in a house control the amount of natural light that floods into each room. They also provide a view of the outdoor surroundings. So why not have as many windows as possible to take advantage of everything they have to offer? Large windows instantly provide a luxurious touch to any home design.

Before deciding on the type of windows to use for your chosen aesthetic, you need to determine what your specific needs are. Certain materials may not be compatible with the siding of your house, while others may not adapt well to the climate where you live.

Replacing or installing windows can be costly, but choosing sustainable and energy-efficient models can also contribute to heat conservation inside your home, which will reduce your electricity bills during the winter!

Expand your entrance with a mudroom

House trends : a mudroom for your home

Having a small entrance to your home can be very frustrating. Taking off your winter coat and boots is difficult in a small space, and mud dragged in on rainy days can end up being trailed around the rest of the house. But don’t worry, adding a mudroom to your entryway can put an end these unpleasant situations. This type of addition provides storage for winter clothes and rain gear as well as creates a seamless indoor–outdoor transition. Mudrooms are also an ideal place to install integrated storage solutions! No more messy entryways with winter coats and boots all over the place; maximize your storage space with custom closets, hooks, shelving, and more!

Laminate shingles

House trends : architectural roofing

Laminate (or architectural) shingles are still a safe bet when redoing your roof. They are more textured and elegant than 3-tab asphalt shingles and are made out of fiberglass that is dipped in asphalt and coated in fire-resistant granules. This roofing material comes in many different shades, so it’s easy to match it with all types of houses and sidings!

The return of the garden and the outdoor kitchen

House trends : easy outside living

The last few years have been marked by an infatuation with cooking. The foodie trend has influenced our everyday lives and generated a focus on healthy, organic, and local foods. These continuing home trends will spread to the outdoors as well with outdoor kitchens. From this new trend comes vegetable and herb gardens, some going as far as building small greenhouses in their yards.

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