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Maria Santamaria

by Maria Santamaria Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Reno Blog / General Renovation / The Must-Have Home Trends for 2020
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The Must-Have Home Trends for 2020

General Renovation

No one wants to renovate a room in their house, only to realize they’ve made all the wrong choices! The world of design is so full with possibilities, it is easy to get lost. What is in, what is out? What is in style now, but will be passé soon? We consulted our experts to find out what will be the most popular interior and exterior home trends for 2020. Whether you would like to renovate your kitchen, your bathroom, or even the outside of your home, this article will help you become a subject matter expert and avoid any blunders!

Home Trends – Interior

For home interiors, 2020 will be all about a return to natural and artisan touches. Irregular, round and imperfect shapes will be at the forefront. Biophilic design will help reconnect spaces with nature. In all rooms, decluttering allows to keep only the essentials. Colours and textures will maintain a warm decor.

The Elegance of High-End Materials

The standout materials are as always stone – marble, quartz, etc, but it will also be the time to shine for high-end wood accents. For furnishings, more traditional building techniques that do not require nails or screws are reemerging, such as the dovetail joint. Such techniques require attention to detail and patience, but the results are simply stunning!

Fluted is also making a comeback! In the bathroom, fluted wood will be taking over cabinet doors. In the kitchen, open shelving is out, and fluted glass doors are in! Gold accents are back as well, but with a twist – polished and shiny gold is making way for brushed or stained gold, to give a “lived-in” look.

Japandi, A Globetrotting Style

With social consciousness on the rise comes an awareness on overconsumption, and a desire to declutter spaces to only keep the necessary. From these principles, a new style is born: Japandi. It combines the refined spirit of Japanese design and the clean, natural materials of Scandinavian style. Japandi uses furniture and accessories with clean lines, made of natural materials like wood and rattan. All these components make for a contemporary, relaxing and decluttered decor, without being cold or austere. 

In the kitchen, for example, there is a return to closed storage, with cabinets spanning the entire wall. A minimal approach to kitchen accessories is also key – having 20 small kitchen appliances that are only used once a year is a thing of the past!

Essentially, decor will be adapted to the modern era’s more conscientious and healthy lifestyles.

Demure But Warm Colours

Colours in 2020 will be inspired by the many shades of nature! Choose earth tones, such as terracotta, greige, beige, etc. Lush dark greens and deep blues are also a trend to try. Just as lighter tones bring a sense of calm, cleanliness and relaxation, deep tones envelope and comfort. Home trends are not simply about visual appeal, but also an emotional connection to memories of nature. According to the Design Salon of Milan, the colours of the year for 2020 will be champagne and pumpkin red, which should integrated into your space sparingly.

Matte Takeover

For hardware and fittings, high-shine and luster is making way for matte finishes, in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Brass, brushed copper, matte black and even matte white will be very present in 2020. Obtuse and curved angles will replace the clean lines of previous hardware and fitting trends. Companies like Aquabrass are creating collections like their Marmo line, which combines metals and stone. 

Handle and faucet design will be demure and discreet to allow basins, tubs and sinks in natural stone to shine. Timeless stone like marble will be worked to matte or hammered finishes, reminiscent of artisan stonework – high-gloss finishes that scream opulence are trends of the past!

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Natural Textiles

Velour, which has been a dominant trend for the last few years, will still be present in 2020. It will shine in rust, mustard and emerald tones. Natural and clean fabrics such as linen will also be popular, while patterns will be nearly nonexistent. We can already see these trends emerging in stores like H&M Home and Zara Home.

In furniture design, rattan will make a big comeback. It will be featured from dressers, to headboards, to chairs. This natural and handmade feel will also be seen in heavy weaving of materials and fabrics.

Lighting With Finesse

With handmade, or handmade-style, being at the forefront of design in 2020, lighting will take on more irregular shapes, such as those created by blown glass. Rounded light fixtures, inspired by nature, will also make an appearance. Gold fixtures will remain on trend, being featured in the centre of rooms, as focal points of complex simplicity. Mixing materials such as bronze and marble will allow for luminaires with clean lines and visual interest. With materials and spaces being highlighted with lighting, architectural lighting will play a prominent role in 2020.

Read our articles on bathroom trends and kitchen trends to find out how to integrate the most recent trends in your home. You will be able to discover what styles are on their way out, and ones that are timeless!

Home Trends – Exterior

For the exterior, yards focused on nature and neutral tones will be on trend. Outdoor furniture will be simple but refined. As the trend of decluttering makes its way outdoors, low-maintenance landscaping and plants will be key.

Natural Pools

Natural or organic pools are being seen more and more. These types of pools feature aquatic plants as a filtration system, eliminating the need for chemicals like chlorine. These aquatic plants are in basins around the swimming area, so they are not directly where one swims. Not only are these pools environmentally friendly, they are also fair more visually appealing than a traditional round above-ground pool. Already popular in Austria since the 80s, natural swimming pools have been spreading across Europe, and are beginning to be seen in Quebec and Ontario, thanks to companies such as JardinsAquaDesign, Quiet Nature and Passion Pool & Pond. The natural style can also be achieved by the addition of a simple decorative water basin. 

Outdoor Furniture With Clean Lines

For outdoor furniture, big trends for 2020 will be similar to indoor furniture, with neutral colours, clean lines and natural fabrics. Rattan, the big trend of the 70s, has been making a comeback for a little while now, and remains a hot trend for the coming year, which can be seen in stores like Jardins de Ville and Crate & Barrel. With yoga, meditation and other relaxation movements on the rise, furniture associated with these lifestyles such as hammocks, suspended chairs and low furniture will be on trend.

Popular Materials

Trends in paving will shift from ornate pavers to more large, simple and clean ones, but natural stone will still be a big trend. Additionally composite decking is without a doubt the ideal choice, despite its high price tag. Its longevity and need for very little maintenance make it a must-have. Furthermore, CORTEN steel with its rusted look is slowly making a comeback. It adds a touch of warmth to a contemporary landscape on flower boxes, walls or fireplaces.

The Return of the Garden and the Outdoor Kitchen

The last few years have been marked by an infatuation with cooking. The “foodie” trend has grown to take space in our every day lives, as well as a focus on healthy, organic and local foods. These continuing trends will spread to the outdoors as well, with the emergence of outdoor kitchens. From this new trend comes a vegetable and herbs gardens, some going as far as building small greenhouses in their yards.

Low-Maintenance and Resilient Plants

Succulents and grasses are a trendy choice for the garden, as they require little maintenance. Green walls are still a great option for urban areas where space is limited, and neighbors are very close. They provide privacy while also being decorative.

Rooftop Decks and Living Roofs

In urban settings, rooftop decks are reemerging. With yard space shrinking in favour of parking space, flat roofs allow for rooftop decks to be built. For more high-end homes, living roofs, or green roofs, are an emerging trend. As the correct structural integrity is required to support it, these roofs are typically seen on newer constructions.

Popular Siding

When it comes to siding, wood is still a popular choice of material. However, because its upkeep is rather strenuous, companies like Maibec and CanExcel offer options that are easily mistaken for wood, without the maintenance. Made with wood fibers, this type of material is very durable and less expensive than wood. Steel siding is also a great imitation for wood siding, with options like Distinction by Metal Unic Design. With both materials, a vast array of colours are available.

In terms of colours, charcoal, white and black will be very popular in 2020. Natural wood tones will also be on trend, especially in Scandinavian-inspired homes. No matter what style you prefer, the big trend will be mixing materials, which is an excellent trick for saving money. Expensive masonry work should be reserved from columns or façades.

Planning Your Renovation With Home Trends In Mind

Now that you are all caught up on the upcoming home trends, you are now ready to start planning your renovation! Are you uncertain about where to start? Let one of our Renovation Advisors guide you! As they have in-depth experience on various scopes and styles of projects, they will be able to help you decide which trends fit with your renovation and the rest of your home. They will also be able to recommend the right professionals and Contractors that have been Verified at 360°, in order to get you the best quote and price for your specific project – all without fees or obligation!

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