The Benefits of Renovating Your Kitchen and Bathroom Simultaneously


Tackling more than one renovation project at the same time has some benefits. For example, completing kitchen and bathroom renovations simultaneously could save you time and money. It may help reduce stress – you avoid living in a construction site for months!

Of course, taking on multiple projects at once requires organization and good planning. Knowing the benefits of this approach is a great place to start — so read on and see if it’s for you!

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Renovating Multiple Rooms at Once Can Save Time

It’s no secret that the kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in any home. Not only do they add value to your life, but when properly renovated, they add value to your home! Needing to tear them apart for a renovation can be a major headache!

While taking on both of these rooms at the same may be overwhelming, the opposite can also be true. Only those who wish to take their time on a remodel – because they enjoy the process – will truly benefit from spreading projects out. For everyone else, renovating both rooms together can be a time saver and allow for avoidance of unnecessary inconvenience for those living in the home.

When you can find a general contractor who can be both a kitchen contractor and a bathroom contractor at the same time, they have the know-how to work on both projects in tandem. This means cabinet work in both rooms can be tackled all at once, tiling can be done in one fell swoop and painters can quickly work their way through both rooms.

Quick and streamlined renovation projects reduce not only costs, but also stress! Losing access to a bathroom and kitchen at the same time can be challenging to navigate, even for a short time, so temporarily moving out is a good way to keep the stress levels down as well.

Mathieu Project - Kitchen

Simultaneous Renovations: Potential Cost Savings

When home renovations are completed one project at a time, the costs can quickly add up. Typically, this has a lot to do with the contractor and how they charge for smaller projects. A project like a bathroom may take a shorter amount of time, but it still requires getting a crew together, ordering supplies and saying no to other jobs during that time. For this reason, home improvement professionals might charge a premium for small projects. The more work you are giving one contractor, the more room for negotiating you will have, as you are providing a lot of business for one company.

A project like a bathroom renovation can easily cost upwards of $10,000, so why not take advantage of an opportunity to get more bang for your buck?

Combining a kitchen and bathroom renovation is a great way to save on material costs. Choosing the same materials for the cabinets and countertops, for example, allows your contractor to order a larger quantity of the same material, and therefore they are more likely to get a better price from their supplier. Keep in mind that contractors with strong supplier relationships tend to have some sort of discount agreement with them as well.

Achieving Cohesive Design Between the Kitchen and Bathroom

Even when each room has its own unique look, a well designed home has cohesiveness achieved by sharing certain elements, colors or patterns. When a kitchen and bathroom are renovated at the same time, it may be simpler for the homeowner and contractor to work together to achieve finished projects that are in sync with each other.

For homeowners that would like a cohesive style between their bathroom and kitchen, a good starting point is creating a mood board before meeting with an interior designer or contractor to discuss your vision. This way, the project starts off on the right foot, with a clear idea of what you are looking for, with bathroom trends as well as kitchen trends in mind.

Kitchen and bathroom moodboard

Creating Synergy When Taking On Two Renovation Projects at Once

When it comes to renovating, labour costs are by far the largest expense homeowners will face. The good news about taking on two projects at once is that this approach consolidates some of the costs. It allows for combined efforts which requires less of the contractor’s time, and saves you money.

Consider the start of the project, the demolition phase, and how getting both the kitchen and the bathroom done at once means getting only one container delivered. It also means having only one demolition crew coming to your house. From there, it is easy to see how this mindset can be applied to other tasks at hand. Your general contractor will only need to hire one electrician, which will likely result in savings on labor expenses. One plumber can tackle tasks in both rooms all in the same day. The efficiency of working on both rooms at the same time will save them time, which should save you money as well.

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Keep it Simple

No matter how your slice it, renovating two high-traffic rooms is a stressful undertaking. With a strong plan of action, it is possible to keep these projects low stress. There are many advantages to renovating both rooms at once. There are also advantages to remodeling your entire house, if you’re looking to take on everything at once.

Before getting started, keep in mind that all good plans begin with a budget. Know what you’d prefer to spend along with your max budget for multiple projects combined. Explore what you’d like as a final product as well before meeting with contractors to work on your home.

Thomas Project - Kitchen

Hire the Right Contractor

When selecting a contractor for your projects, look for someone who has experience taking large projects – like renovating a bathroom and kitchen at the same time. Try to also take a look at their previous work and any reviews you can get on them.

At RenoAssistance, our Renovation Advisors are here to help you find the right general contractor for the job! Every contractor we work with is 360° Verified — so you’re sure to work with only qualified individuals. We’ve already taken a look at their past work, their licenses, and much more to ensure your risks are minimized! Call us or fill our our form to get started today!