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Bathroom Renovations | All You Need To Know 

Even though the bathroom is likely not the biggest room in your home, it is an essential part of it, so a renovation can quickly seem overwhelming! Each renovation is unique, and can come with its own challenges in order to meet your needs. 

Beyond meeting your own needs, a bathroom renovation is a good investment. In the case where things are done well, you can easily get back every dollar you put into the renovation when it comes time to sell. Whether you plan on undertaking the work yourself, or are looking for a professional to take on the project, we have gathered here all the information you need to ensure a successful bathroom renovation! 

If after reading, you still have questions, thoughts or concerns, our Renovation Advisors are happy to help guide you through your project - just give them a call!

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Bathroom ideas

Bathroom renovation costs

Bathroom trends

Bathroom designs

Bathroom remodel: before & after

How long does a bathroom reno take?

Bathroom renovation blog

Best bathroom renovation contractors

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Bathroom renovation ideas - pictures & costs

When deciding to renovate your bathroom, it’s exciting to see what options are out there. Need inspiration? Or have an idea of what your bathroom remodel will end up looking like? Looking at completed bathroom renovations can surely help you decide how your private haven will turn out.

With all the renovations we’ve helped bring to life, you'll without a doubt find what you're looking for. Go ahead, check out some of our contractors' work!

Take a look at our Reno-Inspiration tool to fuel your bathroom ideas! >> 

What is the cost of a bathroom?

The cost of a bathroom renovation can vary significantly. There are so many factors that can come into play when it comes to the project's pricing, such as:

  • the bathroom's size,
  • the materials used,
  • whether you plan on gutting out the room & restarting,
  • and more...

You can find yourself paying anywhere between $8,000 for lower-budget projects to $40,000+ for high-end bathrooms. To find out what your bathroom renovation might cost you, we suggest checking out our dedicated article.

Take a look at our bathroom renovation cost article >>

Bathroom renovation trends - upcoming styles

image source : Pinterest

Knowing the latest bathroom trends can also help you out when making a bathroom remodel decision. Are you looking for more of a timeless style? Or, a look that will have your guests thinking their bathroom decor is outdated? No matter your interests, it never hurts to see whether the current bathroom trends are in line with your desires. Harmonize upcoming trends with ones you've always loved!

Here are the 2020 bathroom trends you should be aware of >>

Bathroom designs - Keep it simple or push the envelope?

image source : Pinterest

If you’re looking for something extreme, you can always take a look at some out-of-the-ordinary bathroom designs to get inspired. There’s no need to stick to the norms. However, it's important to keep in mind whether your bathroom renovation will add value to your home or not. Keeping a more classic look to the bathroom might be ideal. If you want to have some extreme pops of colour or different materials, we suggest investing in accessories so as not have to undergo major renovations if you get fed up of your bathroom's style. 

However, if you plan on living there for quite a while longer, go ahead and follow your heart! It’s your bathroom renovation project - turn it into the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Of course, you should respect your dedicated budget before making any final decisions. 

At first glance, it may seem expensive to hire a designer, but the cost is often well worth it! The bathroom designer will save you from making costly mistakes and ultimately save you money through better planning and sound advice, like suggesting you use lesser-priced materials that will still create that same "WOW!" effect you're looking for. At RenoAssistance, our bathroom contractors tend to work with a handful of designers. So, if you work with our contractors, you'll be set!

Take a look at these 50 bathroom designs to get inspired >>

Bathroom renovation: a before & after video

Besides wanting their bathroom to have a new look, the homeowners were looking to make some practical changes. The bathroom renovation allowed them to give the room a contemporary twist all while giving them the opportunity to add more lighting. The family also renovated their small shower room - with a style mirroring that of the 4-piece bathroom.

Here are some after pictures of this full bathroom renovation:

To see this before and after bathroom renovation with its details and cost, click here>>

How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

Typically, bathroom remodels can take between 10 to 14 days to be completed. There's so much to take into consideration: the demolition process, plumbing and electrical work, element placement changes, and more. This means no access to your bathroom for up to a whole two weeks! However, bathroom renovation contractors can provide you with solutions. Some offer you the option to rent out a port-a-potty (chemical toilet) or will re-install your toilet every night for an extra fee.  

Bathroom renovation blog

During a full bathroom renovation, several elements/jobs will need to be coordinated in order to achieve a successful renovation. Before moving forward with it, you might want to take a look at our RenoBlog.

We aim to help your decision making process a little easier by going into detail on subjects that might be of interest to you. For instance: 

  • The cost of a bathroom remodel,
  • Which materials to choose for your bathroom,
  • What kind of shower, toilet, bath works best for you, 
  • What bathroom trends are out there,
  • and more...

Click here to go to the Bathroom section of our blog >>

How to find the best bathroom renovation contractors

Finding the best contractors for your bathroom renovation can be tricky. Asking friends for referrals may no longer be enough. We get up to 3 contractors to compete against one another for your renovation. Who wouldn't want this level of passion when it comes to putting your bathroom renovations into someone's hands!? 

Learn more about our bathroom contractors here >>

Get help from a Renovation Advisor - for free

No matter your budget, our Renovation Advisors can assist with your project and direct you toward the best bathroom renovators to ensure the successful completion of your bathroom renovation project. 

Improvising is not recommended. There are several steps involved in a bathroom renovation and this may not be your area of expertise. So, don't get stuck in the never-ending trap of unforeseen issues & costs. Take advantage of our help with free advice from our Renovation Advisors. They can get you in touch with experienced bathroom renovators. You will save time and money!

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