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Self-Building: Reaching the Balance Between Your Dream House and Reality

Do you have a vision for the house of your dreams? Do you already have the perfect land for it? Now an important decision needs to be made: hire a general contractor to take over the construction and management of trades or do it yourself and hire your specialized contractors as they’re required and start self-building.


Managing a self-build can be a headache

If you're considering a self-build, you'll need to consider the implications well before you start construction. You will most likely need the help of various professionals for the steps you cannot do alone, even before starting your project, including:

  • Assessing your city's criteria for obtaining a building permit as a homeowner (and getting approved)
  • An architectural plan prepared by a technologist or architect (depending on the size of your project), which usually requires a number of meetings before the final version is drawn.
  • Advice from an interior designer regarding construction of the interior if you’re after a distinctive decor
  • The meticulous coordination of internal and external contractors specializing in important areas for which you may not have the expertise and required licences e.g.:
    - Roofers
    - Cabinetmakers
    - Electricians
    - Plumbers
    - Experts in balconies
    - Experts in house framing
    - Experts in heating and air conditioning
    - Experts in French drains
    - Foundation experts
    - Experts in septic tanks and septic fields
    - Fireplace experts
    - Experts in external coatings
    - Masons


Choosing to self-build puts you in charge

Becoming a site manager is a full-time job. It’s very difficult to combine working your own job with the management of your building site, especially if you want your project to go smoothly, on time and without too many extra costs. Coordination of shifts is extremely important and if you don’t have experience in site management, it will be almost impossible to coordinate all shifts with the right dates on your job site, while ensuring the same quality of work.

When you hire a general contractor, they become accountable for the quality of the entire job. Therefore if an error is made in any area, the general contractor will be responsible for fixing it which may involve paying their employees overtime out of their own pocket. If you are managing all builders and trades yourself, it will be difficult to identify parties responsible for any blunders or mistakes which may result in more costs, time and energy fixing problems yourself.


With a self-build, you need to be realistic and expect a multitude of extra costs incurred

As a self-builder, you will be left to your own devices in coordinating all the work to be done and ensure it’s completed in the correct order. It’s almost a guarantee that extra costs will arise due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. mistakes that need to be corrected, pre-existing problems which are uncovered during construction, miscoordination of trades resulting in extra labour expenses, etc.

Therefore, it is advisable to allow for room for flexibility when calculating your budget since it can inflate easily and quickly. You will have to rectify the house of your dreams with the realities of construction. To help you, there is RenoAssistance - your source for renovations and the construction of your home.


Be prepared for the unexpected with a little help from your friends at RenoAssistance

In spite of everything that you do right, from budgeting to on-site coordination, be ready to face the unexpected. Here are some of the risks you’ll be exposed to:

  • Work accidents 
  • Absenteeism of workers who delay other shifts 
  • Severe weather 
  • Oversights or omissions by you or your trades

At RenoAssistance, our contractors are verified at 360°

Homeowners tend not to trust contractors. It's not a new phenomenon and is understandable when you hear some of the horror stories out there. That's why RenoAssistance provides a service that aims to protect customers from dishonest/incompetent contractors. With our 360° Verification, you can be sure that all the contractors we will refer to you have had their licenses and insurance verified, have no outstanding complaints with consumer organizations, a satisfactory litigation history, sound financial stability and positive client references. This stringent verification process is in place to mitigate the risks to you as a customer which are present during construction and renovation projects.

In addition, we don’t just have general contractors to refer to you. With more than 1,000 active contractors in our network, we have experts covering all specialties. For example, if you need contractors to pour your foundation, build your framing and roof, but you want to do the rest yourself? No problem! We can send you the best-suited experts in each of the areas necessary for your new construction.


Get up to quotes from different contractors

In general, if you are thinking of doing a self-build, it is to make sure you get the right price and not overpay. With RenoAssistance, our service is to find you verified contractors, but also to ensure that you get the right price. For these reasons, we always try to put up to 3 contractors in competition on your project and they will work to offer you the best quality/price ratio according to your needs. Our services are free of charge and without any obligation. You have nothing to lose! Successful renovations start here!

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