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Heritage buildings and houses: Restore the character of your home!

Does your heritage home need work? Want to give it a facelift, preserving its heritage character inside and out? Getting started with your heritage home improvements is always the most difficult part. Not with RenoAssistance on your side. We can help you to find the best heritage home renovators in your area for free.

In fact, we already found the very best renovators for your heritage renovation project! So you can get started on the right foot.

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Making over your heritage home is history in the making...with RenoAssistance 

If you want or are required, to renovate your heritage home while preserving its original architectural character, you need to follow certain steps before you start your project:

  1. Submit a proposal to your city's heritage committee to get municipal clearance for your renovations.
  2. Check for asbestos, lead paint or other substances that may require special removal.
  3. Make sure all your new building materials are of the same quality if you need to ensure an accurate reproduction of the original materials.
  4. Be meticulous with outside repairs and replacements. You may be obliged to retain the exterior look of your home, including your doors, windows, mouldings, porches and rooflines.
  5. Plan for framing upgrades and the replacement of substandard plumbing and wiring.
  6. Integrate new colour schemes inside and outside based on the era of your home.
  7. Consider a "green" approach to your project. Wherever possible, try to conserve and refurbish your home's original materials (like wood panels, windows, doors and floors).
  8. If you plan to build an extension, you can add it to the side or back of your home. This will create more living space. The resale value of any heritage home is based more on its facade than any other side and the proportions of your home most likely dictate it.

Since heritage projects often have a bigger price tag than traditional jobs — due to the cost of materials and labour, not to mention the surprise factor can be higher — you need to be vigilant about the renovation choices you make and make sure you go ahead with the best renovator.

If this project sounds a little too daunting for you, we can refer you to the best heritage home renovators and contractors, making this job easier and less expensive for you in the short, medium and long run.

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Types of heritage renovation work

There are lots of different types of work that can be done to preserve the exterior appearance of your home or heritage building. Here are the 3 most popular categories of outdoor preservation work.

1- Masonry

Brick is often used in older buildings because of its reliability and long service life. It should be noted, however, that brick is not immortal. Firstly, the joints must be repointed at the first sign of any weakness that could lead to possible water infiltration. Brick can have a lifespan of over 100 years if it is well maintained, however past a century, it can begin to crumble and crack. This poses safety concerns for your structure. It’s common to see these kinds of problems on century-old buildings and they must be fixed with the help of specialized masonry contractors before the situation gets worse.

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2- Balconies and outdoor stairs

For your balconies and exterior concrete stairs, we have the experts to refurbish them. With time, the concrete will tend to crack and change colour in some places, leaving spots that affect the look of your home. With qualified experts in staircase projects and balconies, you will see your exterior come back to life!

3- Outdoor Architecture

For the exterior design of your home, architectural restoration work may be necessary. If you have architectural structures to exhibit which contribute to the charm to your home. This is often what makes century-old homes a heritage legacy and they must be proactively maintained in order to retain their value and integrity.

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4- Roofs (coronation, cornices and dormers)

In the past, roofs were assembled with slightly different materials than today. The sheet metal roof was among the most beautiful and most popular at the time due to its longevity, its low maintenance and ability to be tinted with the colour of your choice. It’s also possible to build a shingle roof with a retro look. It'll be just as effective as your outdated sheet metal. To ensure the ideal roof, you’ll need to deal with the best roofers in your area.

5- Windows and wooden doors

Despite PVC and aluminum being the most popular choices these days in the world of doors and windows, most authentic heritage homes still have wooden window frames. Having a unique and rich heritage look, these are still popular choices for some types of residences to this day. For quotes from the best local contractors for your doors and windows project, follow our link to door and window contractors.

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6- Centennial House Foundations

Your foundations have a limited lifespan, especially when they are exposed to freezing soil and the risk of water infiltration. Over time, if internal or external cracks are created, the risk of water infiltration will put your home in danger of damage caused by water and mold. This is an avoidable risk that could save you from major renovation costs.

Contractors verified 360°

For your heritage renovation, you may not have the expertise to retouch areas of your home yourself. This kind of work is specialized. You’ll need to find the reputable qualified contractors right from the start. This will ensure a stress-free successful renovation. This is where RenoAssistance comes in. We assure you that all the contractors that we refer to you have passed our 360° Verification. This gives you the confidence that they have the skills and experience for this type of project. They have the required licences, valid insurance, no consumer complaints, satisfactory litigation history, solid financial record and, most importantly, satisfied customers.

A renovation advisor for your project

You will have access to a Renovation Advisor who'll be assigned directly to your project. They'll guide you through every step, especially once you gather several quotations. They'll evaluate and compare them with you. Your personal advisor will also guide you with their recommendations on how to deal with the renovations and the right steps to take. Our service is also free of charge and with no obligations!

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Up to three 360° Verified Contractors competing for your project

In addition to recommending the right steps to take for your project, your renovation advisor will find up to 3 contractors to compete for your project in order to get the right price. This will allow you to obtain several opinions on your project. They'll find you the contractor with whom you are most at ease and with whom you are most confident to ensure your project is a success.

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