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Kitchen Renovation: The Best Contractors and Designers

Renovating your kitchen, with or without the help of a designer or directly with the kitchen renovator, must lead to the desired result! By planning this project well and choosing the right renovators and contractors, we can help you get more for less. We’ll only refer those best suited to redo your kitchen on time and on budget.

Depending on the size of your project you may need:

  • A kitchen designer (see here the advantages of working with a designer)
  • A cabinetmaker for the manufacturing and installation of kitchen cabinets
  • A plumber for moving or connecting the plumbing
  • An electrician for lighting and moving or installing electrical outlets
  • A tiler for the backsplash and possibly the floor
  • A countertop manufacturer for custom kitchen countertops
  • And above all, a good general contractor to coordinate all the stakeholders and carry out your project

If you want to remove a load-bearing wall or expand the living area, a building engineer might be involved. Obtaining competitive bids for all of the work is not always easy and that's why we're here to help you coordinate everything and do the right things in the right order.

Whatever your budget, our advisors can direct you to the best kitchen designers, interior designers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, cabinet makers, kitchen renovators, and kitchen contractors to put the odds in your favour of achieving your project at the best value for your budget.

10 mistakes to avoid with your kitchen renovation

  1. Starting the project without adequate planning and under-estimating the work involved 
  2. Bringing contractors in too early into the process (they are not kitchen designers!)
  3. Assuming you know exactly what you want an - experienced professional can share ideas you may not have considered
  4. Purchasing prefabricated cabinets before you have understood the pros and cons and compared with a custom cabinetry solution
  5. Not communicating your budget (it's difficult for professionals or contractors to suggest the right materials or solutions if your budget is unknown)
  6. Thinking you do not need a plan
  7. Not inquiring about the pros and cons of different materials
  8. Choosing the kitchen renovator who provided the plans without comparing effectively (it will be difficult to compare quotes if only one contractor has detailed plans)
  9. Not conducting a detailed comparison of quotes (the price at the bottom of the quote does not tell all)
  10. Choosing "fashionable" cabinets that may look odd when the trend has passed

Free and personalized advice to make your kitchen renovation a success

Not sure where to start? No problem, Reno-Assistance will guide you to find the best kitchen renovator.

Whatever your budget, understanding your goals and participating in the success of your project is our mission.

Our experienced advisors have treated thousands of projects. They can adapt to your needs and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful renovation, saving you from costly mistakes. By understanding your needs, your advisor will be able to give you an idea of the budget required for your project and refer you to the best professionals to carry it out, providing up to three competing quotes from our network of 360° Verified kitchen renovators.

Your advisor can help you understand and compare the quotes you receive. The lowest price at the bottom of the page is not necessarily the best option, nor what you desire. Quality of materials and inclusions can make a big difference. That's why it's important to review them thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Your Renovation Advisor will be available at all stages of your project and will accompany you as if you were a member of their family. Their goal will be the same as yours: a successful kitchen renovation!

What is the cost of a kitchen renovation?

The cost of a kitchen remodel can vary greatly but here is an indication of ballpark prices based on the various projects we have completed:

Size/Category Economy Standard High-end Luxury
Small Kitchen $14,000 - $17,000 $18,000 - $23,000 $27,000 - $32,000 $40,000 - $60,000
Average Kitchen $18,000 - $19,000 $25,000 - $27,000 $30,000 - $40,000 $50,000 - $80,000
Large Kitchen $28,000 - $35,000 $37,000 - $45,000 $47,000 - $60,000 $70,000 - $100,000

We considered the standard here as a kitchen with polyester cabinets and quartz or natural stone countertops. To see some of our customers' kitchen projects with their actual prices, check out our Reno-Inspiration tool. You'll get inspired and potentially find some great kitchen renovation ideas!

Kitchen Remodel - where to start:

You should first determine the primary reasons why you want to change your current kitchen. Is it to improve ergonomics, bring it up to date, add a dining space, or add or remove a kitchen island? This will help you to establish your needs. After speaking with you, your advisor will help you identify the right steps in order to achieve the successful completion of your project.

Plan your work to reduce costs and avoid mistakes

Whether you're dreaming of a nice kitchen for breakfast, to read the newspaper, to house a mini-library for recipe books or a storeroom for your wine, it will be necessary to plan the layout of your space. The secret lies in the details. We know the best experts in kitchen design that can help you plan according to your needs and original kitchen ideas.

When you take a step back and think of all the different elements you have to store in the kitchen, you notice that the organization is essential. You will need to arrange your workspace. You should be sure to have enough space between the sink and the walls, the cooktop and the worktop. The kitchen contractors we will refer to you will work with you to determine the layout of these areas and assure materials will be chosen according to your taste, budget and the practical use of the space.

Kitchen cabinet materials

If you are a chef at heart, your workspace should be functional and resistant. For cabinets, a multitude of materials is available to you. From melamine to polyester and wood, you'll be spoiled for choice with your kitchen cabinets.

If you opt for wooden cabinets, allow for a substantial budget. Wood, a high-end material, will cost you more. Another less expensive option is a wood veneer for your cabinet doors. Here again, materials such as melamine or polyester can perfectly reproduce various types of finish.

These materials have improved over time and come in many colours and textures that will work with your style. And don't forget that, in addition to the finishing, you can choose from a variety of storage types. From the side drawer for pots to spice drawers, you will be able to create custom cabinets to suit your needs and those of your family.

Kitchen cabinet material Average price (materials, labour & installation)
Melamine cabinets $6,900+
Polyester cabinets $10,000+
Wood cabinets $13,500+
Lacquered cabinets $13,500+
Cabinets resurfacing $5,000+


If you don't want to change the configuration, and your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, it may be possible to only replace the cabinet doors and drawer facades to save money. However, it's not usually an ideal solution from a pricing viewpoint.

Ceramic, wood or cork floor?

Choosing a floor can be a real headache: the cost, difficulty of installation, durability, aesthetics and ecological choices.

Tiles: natural and healthy, resistant to wear and moisture, but uncomfortable for the feet.

Linoleum: easy to clean and easy to install, but vulnerable to humidity.

Cork: an excellent vinyl replacement material, is natural and comfortable for the feet, resistant to shocks, stains and easy to maintain.

Solid wood: naturally beautiful, comfortable and very durable, even if sensitive to moisture, it can be restored repeatedly and last for decades.

We can help you identify the best solution for your needs and your budget.

Keep it simple or push the envelope?

If you want to be adventurous, the kitchen may not be the best place to do it as it is an expensive room to change when trends change. Better to bet on luxury and classic materials that will stand the test of time.

A variety of styles are available for your next kitchen:

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Industrial
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Rural
  • And more... what's your style?

If you're not sure, our Reno-Inspiration tool can help you find it.

You will also have to respect your budget. There is no point in planning an environment for a chef if you cook the majority of your meals in the microwave! A functional kitchen and up-to-date style will do just fine.

At first glance, it may seem expensive to employ the services of a kitchen designer, a technologist or an architect, but their cost is often worthwhile: they will save you from costly errors, and ultimately save you money through better planning and sound advice, like finding some lower-priced materials that will work for you and create a "WOW!" effect.

Improvising is not recommended. It can easily trap you into plenty of difficulties. There are several steps involved in a kitchen remodel and this may not be your area of expertise. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our expertise. You will only make your life easier, and save time and money!

Durable and easy-care kitchen countertops

Several finishes, colours and styles are available for your kitchen countertops. Your kitchen renovation can definitely match your expectations with all these available options. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Countertop material Price per square foot
Laminate countertop $20 to $40 / sq. ft.
Quartz countertop $60 to $80 / sq. ft.
Butcher's board $60 to $100 / sq. ft.
Granite countertop $80 to $100 / sq. ft.
Marble countertop $80 to $120 / sq. ft.
Stainless steel countertop $120 to $140 / sq. ft.

Laminate counter


  • Significantly cheaper than stone
  • Stain resistant


  • Appears less bright than other materials
  • The life of the laminate sheets is shorter than that of stone
  • Less heat-resistant and water can seep into it if poorly sealed

Quartz countertop


  • Stronger than granite
  • Does not require sealing
  • Known to be very 'practical'
  • There are now even stronger variants from manufacturers such as Silestone


  • It's a manufactured imitation of natural stone some may consider not 'authentic'

Butcher block countertop


  • Additional functionality to your workspace (permanent area dedicated to cutting)
  • Authentic rustic appearance
  • Unlimited potential for preparing dishes


  • Wood is susceptible to scratches, so without regular maintenance, your counter will not look new for a long time

butcher block countertop

Granite countertop


  • Available in a wide variety of colours
  • Each piece is unique (you will not find two identical pieces of granite)
  • Very resistant to heat and stains
  • Luxurious material that gives a high-end look to the kitchen


  • Although durable and very strong, corners can be chipped with impact

granite countertop

Marble countertop


  • Luxurious appearance
  • Available in a variety of unique colours and styles
  • Marble is heat-resistant and tends to be fresh, making it perfect for baking, for example
  • When properly sealed, it is stain resistant


  • Requires periodic sealing to prevent stains

marble countertop

Stainless steel counter


  • The surface is very durable and resistant to heat and stains
  • Usually easy to keep clean (major advantage for kitchens with heavy use)
  • Possibility to be made of recycled steel
  • Looks good with household appliances of the same material


  • If physically damaged, it is almost impossible to repair (however, it takes a lot of force to damage it)
  • Scuffs and scratches will reduce its glossy appearance

stainless steel countertop

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